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ratanlal and dhirajlal law of evidence pdf

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The law of evidence plays an indispensable role in the administration of justice. It is only through reliable, relevant, and admissible evidence that substantive rights may be established in a court of law. The courts have, over the years painstakingly analysed and interpreted different forms of evidence—written, oral and electronic—in their effort to arrive at the right conclusions.

Ratanlal and Dhirajlal’s The Indian Penal Code 36th Edition (Paperback)

Abstract : Regulated by Section and read with Section of the Code of Criminal Procedure, , the provision of giving and recording of confession is a unique feature of Criminal Justice in Bangladesh. This paper makes a thorough study of the aforementioned sections of law that provides with description regarding who would give the confession, when would the confession be given, to whom the confession may be given, how is the confessional statement is recorded and the legal requirements for the purpose of recording a valid confession. The paper also analyses the safeguards and guidelines mentioned in the legal provision and leading cases and points out the numerous drawbacks in the procedure of the recording of confession. Finally, after a meticulous study of the drawbacks, the paper suggests some recommendations to remove the ambiguity mentioned in the drawbacks and increase the transparency of the recording of confession. Bibliography : 1.

Ratanlal and Dhirajlal's the Law of Evidence

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Ratanlal and Dhirajlal's the Law of Evidence

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The Law Of Evidence, Ed.4

It lays down the quintessential aspects of judicial investigation for effective administration of justice.

An admission is a statement which can be either in oral, documentary or in electronic from which reflects the guilt of the party or which concedes to the fact that the evidence provided by the opposite party is accurate. Admissions that are made by a party during the proceedings in the case are referred to as Judicial admissions. Admissions that are informal in nature and do not appear on the records of the case are referred to as Extra-judicial. Unlike Judicial admissions which are binding upon the parties, Extra- judicial admissions are only partly binding. The exception to this principle is found in cases where they operate as or have the effect of estoppel.

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