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Lacrimal glands are located in the outer corner of eye. The various parts of the eye perform different functions that contribute to this purpose. This gives them a larger field of view for avoiding predators. Have students trace their bodies on large sheets of paper. The main function is to refract the light along with the lens. It is all about the main eye Parts of human eye and their functions. Compositional parts and their functions.

Special cells called cones and rods are located in the retina. These cells are known as photoreceptors and help absorb light. The majority of the cones are located in the macula, or central area, of the retina. Cone cells help us see colour and detail. Similarly, the macula allows us to read and clearly recognize people's facial details, such as eye colour and whether they have freckles. The majority of the rods are located in the peripheral, or outer area, of the retina. Rod cells allow us to see in poor lighting and give us our night vision.

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Parts of the Eye and Their Functions

The structures and functions of the eyes are complex. Each eye constantly adjusts the amount of light it lets in, focuses on objects near and far, and produces continuous images that are instantly transmitted to the brain. The orbit is the bony cavity that contains the eyeball, muscles, nerves, and blood vessels, as well as the structures that produce and drain tears. Each orbit is a pear-shaped structure that is formed by several bones. The outer covering of the eyeball consists of a relatively tough, white layer called the sclera or white of the eye.

This dome-shaped layer protects your eye from elements that could cause damage to the inner parts of the eye. There are several layers of the cornea, creating a tough layer that provides additional protection. These layers regenerate very quickly, helping the eye to eliminate damage more easily. The cornea also allows the eye to properly focus on light more effectively. Those who are having trouble focusing their eyes properly can have their corneas surgically reshaped to eliminate this problem. Sclera The sclera is commonly referred to as the "whites" of the eye. This is a smooth, white layer on the outside, but the inside is brown and contains grooves that help the tendons of the eye attach properly.

Half the human cerebral cortex is involved with vision. • Distance of the Eye. • Cross-Sectional Anatomy of the Eye Adjustment of functional circuitry. All-cone​.


Parts of the Eye. Here I will briefly describe various parts of the eye:. The sclera is the white of the eye. The Cornea. The cornea is the clear bulging surface in front of the eye.

Structure and Function of the Human Eye

The anatomy of the eye

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Iris: The iris is the colored part of the eye that regulates the amount of light entering the eye. Lens: The lens is a clear part of the eye behind the iris that helps to focus light, or an image, on the retina. Macula: The macula is the small, sensitive area of the retina that gives central vision.

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As a result of this, humans have binocular vision (“two- Figure Anatomy of the eye. Optic The cornea and lens are the main eye components that refract.

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