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Acharya Guru or Teacher. Achuta Another name os Sri Krishna meaning imperishable. Adhiratha Karna's foster-father.

Sanskrit Boy Names

The sanskrit name Shiva means auspicious or perfect. The names of the Lord shiva are the apt and auspicious ones for the children. Please read the article on why one need to be careful when choosing the baby names.

These names have been taken from the holy scriptures like shri rudram and shiva sahasranama stotra. Know the 16 rituals as the baby is born. Please click this Icon to play Radio. Shaiva Lahari. Name Meaning 1. Abaloganah Powerless group 2. Abhigamyah Easily attainable 3.

Abhiramah Produer of affection 4. Abhivadyah Revered 6. Achalopamah The motionless 7. Achintyah Unthinkable 8. Achintyah The only one to be meditated upon 9. Adambhah Unsubdued of his enemies Adesah The teaching Adhanah Poor as he is naked Adharshanah Unshakeable Adhirohah One seated therein Adhyatmanugatah The aspirant of the science of the soul Adih The first Adikarah The first creator AdimUrti - Adinah Of noble nature Adiratnesh - Aditih Boundless; the mother of the gods Adityah The Sun Adyah The first Adyah nirgamah The primal manifestation Agamah Unshaken Agitah Unconquered Agnivalah Flaming as fire Agravarah He who first receives the sacrificial offerings Ahascharah The day wanderer Ahirbudhnyah The serpent Sesha, underneath the mundane Egg Ahoratram Day and night Ajah Unborn Ajaikapat one of the eleven Rudras Ajitah Unconquered Ajitha Unconquered Akarah The inactive Akasanirvirupah From whom all forms proceed as from the Akasa Akrandayat One Who makes cry Akshah Rathayogi The axle of the chariot, connected with the chariot Aksharam Undecaying AlAdyaH Giver of effect of the deeds Alokah Transcending the worlds Alolah Steady Amarah Deathless Amaresah The Lord of the gods Ambujalah Collection of waters Amitah Immeasurable Amitrajit Conqueror of his enemies AmIvatkebhyaH Moving everywhere Amoghah Fruitful Amogharthah Of fruitful request Amravaneshvar - Amritah Nectar Amrito govrishesvarah Devoid of death desires leading to it the lord of Dharma Amukhyah Inferior Amush a kind of deity Anaghah Sinless Analah Fire Anantarupah Of infinite forms Anaushadhah Foodless Angalubdhah Without limbs in linga - symbol form Anilabhah Of the colour of the air Anilah Air Animishah Ever-seeing Aninditah Faultless AnirhatebhyaH Destroyer of sins Anitih Injustice Antaratma The inner Soul Antarhitama Of hidden nature Anukari He who was ready ApadsahAy Helper in distress Aparah Recent ApatsahAyam - Apsaroganasevitah Worshipped by the bonds of Apsaras AraNya sundar - Ardanah The punisher Ardracharmambaravritah Clothed in the skin of an elephant Arohanah The steps to the Supreme to the aspirant Arthah The wealth Arthakarah Conferrer of wealth Aryama - Asamamnayah Other Scriptures Asani With the thunderbolt Asat The cause Ashadhah Enabling one to bear everything Asnehanah Devoid of affection Asukhah Unhappy Asvah The horse Asvatthah the Samsara tree; or the kalpa tree granting all desires Atandritah Ever busy AtAryaH Introducer to life AtatAvin With the string tied ready bow Atharvasirshah The Atharvopanishads

Top Sanskrit Baby Boy Names Starting With J

This is one of the many names by which the Hindu god, Lord Ganesha is referred. The name is of the meaning delight. Last year it ranked rd in the U. Social Security Administration list of most popular baby girl names. BabyCenter is committed to providing the most helpful and trustworthy pregnancy and parenting information in the world. What Does Amiya Mean and History?

The Hindu Dharma or the Sanatan Dharma is an ancient religious practice and shows people a way of life. A large population follows this religious practice. Of the many things that the religion has to offer to its followers, names are a major chunk. Taken from Sanskrit — the mother of all languages — these names are meaningful and lovely. If you are looking for a Hindu baby boy name, then MomJunction has put together a list, which will give you a wide variety of names that would spoil you for choice. You could give your Aquarian babies this name. This Sanskrit name is gaining popularity, not just in India, but all over the world.

We shall examine the usages now. Reviews There are no reviews yet. Approach Rule Based and example based rule based approach. Sanskrit Tables. PDF Sanskrit sources offer a wide variety of numerical tables, most of which remain little studied. It includes Vedic processing and shabdabodha as well.

Amba अम्बा, अंबा. Gender: Girl. Origin: Sanskrit. Amba (meaning "​mother" in Sanskrit) is another name for Goddess Durga or Parvati, consort of Lord.

Sanskrit Boy Names (Names of Lord Shiva)

Find out the most popular Sanskrit names for baby boys and girls. Here is a collection of Sanskrit baby names that might make your task of. Babyname pdfIn Sanskrit baby names we provide a rare collections of unique baby names.

The sanskrit name Shiva means auspicious or perfect. The names of the Lord shiva are the apt and auspicious ones for the children. Please read the article on why one need to be careful when choosing the baby names.

50 Lord Venkateshwara Names For Baby Boy, With Meanings

Sanskrit baby names with English meanings

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Sanskrit Boy Names (Names of Lord Shiva)

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