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This book examines the phenomenon of modern memory as a reaction to total war, an aspiration to truth-seeking provoked by the independent forces of modern war and collective violence which is transnational, or postnational, in character. As such, by asking how the concept of modern memory is constructed through the victims of war and genocide, the book constitutes an alternative to national memories and hegemonic, militarist or ethnocentric histories.

With the traditional approach to international security stemming from a Realist, state-centric focus, and being developed with the rise of Strategy Studies during the Cold War, it is clear that the emphasis on power politics and military security has dominated the field of Security Studies in the last century. With this in mind, it is important to assess the value of Peace Studies in the twenty-first century, and the relevance of its agenda as a response to the challenges to international security. As the nature and impact of conflict has evolved in recent decades, particularly in a globalised context, it becomes necessary to understand how an alternative perception of peace and war can provide balance to the debate surrounding stability and security. This essay, then, will begin with a brief background to Peace Studies, summarising its origins and evolution in becoming a recognised academic field.

Peace and War

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Editors: Morgan , W. John, Guilherme , Alexandre Eds. Peace and War: Historical, Philosophical, and Anthropological Perspectives is an accessible, higher-level critical discussion of philosophical commentaries on the nature of peace and war. It introduces and analyses various philosophies of peace and war, and their continuing theoretical and practical relevance for peace studies and conflict resolution.

Historically established as critical knowledge and thus an alternative to normal science in International Relations, Peace Studies came to be co-opted, in the s, by the regulatory structures of the international system as a cornerstone of many of the options put into practice especially in post-war reconstruction processes. In this context, recovering the critical lineage of Peace Studies today involves two radical options. The first entails qualifying intended peace as sustainable peace. The second implies the epistemological decolonisation of Peace Studies. In this regard, and in the context of the epistemological debate within this field of knowledge, the different post-positivist currents display the same desire to break with the realist canon of the discipline of International Relations. However, the self-representation of Peace Studies as a critical edge is currently under the closest scrutiny. Established as a discourse grounded on the aspiration to thoroughly transform reality with a view to achieving peace at physical, structural and cultural levels , Peace Studies has become, especially since the s, a conceptual and analytical field called upon to tend to public policy related primarily to the conducting of the international system by its main actors including the major funding agencies, the platforms of global governance, and the States which control the mechanisms of international decision-making.

Women Waging War and Peace

Qty : Please note there is a week delivery period for this title. By combining primary research, theoretical lenses from various academic disciplines, and women's lived experiences in all their trauma, healing, and triumph, Women Waging Peace and War reinforces the critical need for international organizations, non-governmental organizations, and policy leaders to empower women. To deconstruct the monolithic role of women in peace and war, the volume offers solid empirical evidences based on 16 different cases from around the world in which powerful and inspiring stories of Peacebuilding and war are narrated and analyzed. Concluding with a confirmed hypothesis that "Women play a myriad of roles in face of war and peace," the authors paved the way for future researchers and practitioners in the field of Peacebuilding to expand their horizon in depicting gender roles in wartime and peace in more complex and nuanced ways. The volume is a must read for practitioners and scholars who struggle to understand the multi dimensional involvement of women in war and peace. In the context of Peacebuilding, the authors pioneered in linking women led social movements and its potential in introducing change into war and post war realities.

Peace Studies: An Alternative Perspective on International Security

Paul F. He served as President of the International Studies Association for the term. His areas of expertise include the causes of war, UN peacekeeping, and international law.

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Theories of Security, War, Peace and Conflict Resolution

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PDF | The concept of peace has been under discussion in peace research from its start over 50 years ago. This article reviews the debate on.

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Peace research – Just the study of war? Nils Petter Gleditsch,. Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO) & Department of Political Science,. Norwegian University of​.

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