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block pulse functions and their applications in control systems pdf

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In this paper, two-dimensional modified block-pulse functions 2D-MBPFs method is introduced for approximate solution of 2D-linear stochastic Volterra-Fredholm integral equations so the ordinary and stochastic operrational matrices of integration are utilized to reduce the computation of such equations into some algebraic equations. Convergence analysis of this method is discussed.

Block-Pulse Function

Metrics details. In this paper, the block pulse function method is proposed for solving high-order differential equations associated with multi-point boundary conditions. Although the orthogonal block pulse functions frequently have been applied to approximate the solution of ordinary differential equations associated with the initial conditions, the presented method provides the flexibility with respect to multi-point boundary conditions in separated or non-separated forms. This technique, which may be named the augmented block pulse function method, reduces a system of high-order boundary value problems of ordinary differential equations to a system of algebraic equations. The illustrated results confirm the computational efficiency, reliability, and simplicity of the presented method. The systems of ordinary differential equations ODEs with different boundary conditions are well known for their applications in biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and sciences [ 1 — 4 ].

Block Pulse Functions and Their Applications in Control Systems

This paper deals with an optimal control problem with quadratic cost for a class of bilinear systems using the orthogonal functions technique. The main idea of this technique is that it reduces the problem to solving a system of algebraic equations, thus simplifying the problem. The control variable and the state variables are approximated by block pulse functions series. Then the system dynamics is transformed into systems of algebraic equations. Finally, numerical results are given to illustrate the proposed method. Most users should sign in with their email address.

This paper applied the idea of block pulse BP transform in the equivalent linearization of a nonlinear system. The BP transform gives effective tools to approximate complex problems. The main goal of this work is on using BP transform properties in process of linearization. The accuracy of the proposed method compared with the other equivalent linearization including the stochastic equivalent linearization and the regulation linearization methods. Numerical simulations are applied to the nonlinear Van der Pol oscillator system under Gaussian white noise excitation to demonstrate the feasibility of the present method.

The present study tackles the tracking control problem for unstructured uncertain bilinear systems with multiple time-delayed states subject to control input constraints. First, a new method is introduced to design memory state feedback controllers with compensator gain based on the use of operational properties of block-pulse functions basis. The proposed technique permits transformation of the posed control problem into a constrained and robust optimization problem. The constrained robust least squares approach is then used for determination of the control gains. Second, new sufficient conditions are proposed for the practical stability analysis of the closed-loop system, where a domain of attraction is estimated. A real-world example, the headbox control of a paper machine, demonstrates the efficiency of the proposed method. Many physical systems existing in real life exhibit nonlinear behavior.

Show all documents Numerical solution of systems of linear Volterra integral equations using block-pulse functions Block - Pulse functions have been used by many researchers for various problems such as solving differential equations [12], integral equations [6], population balance equations [5]. Babolian presented a direct method to solve Volterra integral equation of the first kind using operational matrix with BPFs [2]. Numerical solution for a system of first kind Volterra integral equations is presented in [8]. Advances in Pure Mathematics, 9,

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