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Interview and Interrogation: The Reid Technique versus Hypnosis

Reid and Associates, Inc. The material in this outline is designed solely for the participants attending this program. No portion of this material may be reproduced, copied or transmitted to any other person without the express written consent of John E. Reid and Associates began developing interview and interrogation techniques in The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation is now the most widely used approach to question subjects in the world. The content of our instructional material has continued to develop and change over the years.

John E. Reid and Associates is the only organization that can teach the current version of our training program on The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation. You will find a complete listing of all seminars and training programs presented by John E.

Reid and Associates, and contains the most current and updated information developed by us, call Pat Shields at Some of our clients include. Seibert, the United State Supreme Court referenced our company and our book, Criminal Interrogation and Confessions, as examples of law enforcement resources that offered proper training. In the United States Supreme Court referenced our textbook, Criminal Interrogation and Confessions, in making their decision in the case Stansbury v.

Courts throughout the country have recognized The Reid Technique as the leading interview and interrogation approach used today in both the law enforcement and business communities see our web page for details. Reid and Associates, 3, Reid and Associates. Dec IOMA Security Director s Report Satisfaction Not only do we guarantee satisfaction with our services and training programs, but also because of the continued high quality of instruction, hundreds of organizations require that all new staff members attend one of our training programs.

Specialization Our firm has developed a series of specialized courses that are the exclusive proprietary property of the firm. These are programs that contain copyright protected material that no other organization can utilize. Research and Development Our firm has conducted numerous studies on the detection of deception, and has published extensively on the topic.

You will find a section on our web site called The Library in which we will reproduce many of our published articles and studies. The Library is for Reid Institute members only. Certification The Reid Institute, a membership of professional investigators, offers a Certification program designed to enhance the investigative skills of those who meet the rigid standards required to achieve certification. Internet- Our web page, provides investigators with timely legal updates, new developments, the Monthly Investigator Tip and is used regularly by prosecutors from around the country as a resource for proper interview and interrogation techniques.

Customization Our firm can design our material to meet the needs of your organization. We have successfully customized our training programs for numerous business, law enforcement and government concerns. Validated Teaching Techniques The University of Tennessee has carefully examined the quality and effectiveness of our teaching techniques. Over employees of the.

The University of Tennessee administered a pre-test examination to each participant before the training, and a post-test examination to each participant following the training to evaluate the effectiveness of the instruction. They found that there was a significant improvement for all groups trained. Testimony Expertise - On a regular basis our firm is contacted and retained by Prosecuting Attorneys from around the country as expert witnesses or consultants on proper interview and interrogation techniques.

We provide extensive information for practitioners and members of the judiciary on our web page as to the issues of false confessions, example confession testimony, case decisions, relevant research and more.

Government Recognition - Our expertise on the topic of behavior symptom analysis, interviewing and interrogation techniques was recognized by the National Security Agency which awarded John E. Reid and Associates in conjunction with Michigan State University a sole source bid for a scientific study on the use of behavior symptoms in the detection of deception.

The results of the study were published in the Journal of Forensic Sciences. Our training manual has been translated into both Spanish and German. The Authoritative Text - Our book, Criminal Interrogation and Confessions 4 th edition, is considered by the courts and practitioners to be the Bible for interviewing and interrogation techniques.

The book has been translated into Chinese, Japanese and Turkish. Reid and Associate seminars see our web page for a complete listing. Reid and Associates as experts for our comments on stories involving detection of deception issues. Reid and Associates has been recognized as the leader in the field of.

Staff Experience- The accumulated experience level of our instructors exceeds years, during which time they have conducted over 75, interviews and interrogations. On a daily basis our firm is retained to provide interviewing services for businesses, law enforcement, attorneys and government agencies. Real Life Videotapes - At our seminars we show a wide variety of real life video taped interviews and interrogations that include theft, arson, abduction, homicide, sexual harassment, burglary and child abuse cases.

These tapes can only be shown at seminars conducted by John E. History of Material B. Always try to conduct a non-accusatory interview prior to any interrogation. The purpose for doing so is to develop rapport with the subject; assess their general attitude and demeanor; give them an opportunity to tell their story; and, develop insight into possible interrogational approaches.

The Interview Room. The verbal and nonverbal aspects of behavior which are symptomatic of the truthfulness of a suspect, victim, or witness. Verbal - 2. Nonverbal -. General Principles of Behavior Symptom Analysis 1. Nonverbal behavior can be more reliable than verbal. Nonverbal behavior is responsible for more than half of total communication. Nonverbal behavior will either support and enhance the credibility of an answer, or suggest discomfort and possible deception, indicating the need for follow-up questions.

The behavior of the interviewer can influence the suspect s behavior. Behavior symptoms become more revealing as anxiety in the suspect increases. Behavior Symptom Analysis C. Importance of the issue to the suspect and society 2. Level of social responsibility 3. Control over the environment Setting and Proxemics X A is the zone, extending out about.

For the most part, gestures refer to when a person s hand comes in contact with themselves. Can you tell me everything that happened concerning Mr. Can you tell me what happened on date? Please tell me everything that occurred from the time you arrived at school on Thursday until you left at the end of the day.

Allow the subject to go through their entire story without interruption the pure version D. Phrases which encourage a subject to continue when they pause, hesitate or stop: Okay followed by silence Alright followed by silence I see followed by silence Please continue Go on E. Listen for a closing remark to know when to move to the next stage of the interview: That s everything that happened.

That s pretty much everything that I can remember at this time. And that s what happened. Evaluating the credibility of the pure version Truthful Account: Introduction Main Event Epilogue Describe both the facts and emotions of the event Tell their story out of sequence Introduce witnesses Deceptive Accounts:.

Asking Clarification Questions questions designed to develop additional detail about the subjects story or version of events. When to ask clarifying questions a. Sketchy details b. Illogical or unexplained behavior c.

Time gaps d. People not identified We went to the mall e. Qualifying phrases I believe, I think Examples of Clarifying Questions a. Questions to expand a portion of the account Could you tell me more about Could you tell me in more detail exactly Describe exactly how b. Questions to elicit explanations for events What made you decide to Why did you Why didn t you c. Questions to elicit feelings or emotions How did you feel after this happened?

What was your reaction when What were your feelings when you found out. Asking Direct Questions Specific questions designed to develop information that was not disclosed in the pure version or the clarification questions. Research on Behavior Provoking Questions. Principle: Truthful subjects usually offer an appropriately strong punishment. Principle: Truthful subjects usually reject the idea of leniency no second chance. Principle: Truthful subjects usually express confidence that the investigation will exonerate them.

Truthful: Deceptive: Behavior Analysis Interview BAIT In asking the Bait question, the interviewer implies the possibility of developing incriminating evidence, and asks the subject how he would explain such evidence. Jim, is there any reason..? Now, I m not saying that you did this but.. Principle: Truthful subjects usually spontaneously reject the implication of the bait question.

Truthful: Deceptive:. The results of the investigation clearly indicate that you are the person who issue ". Behavioral pause to assess the verbal and nonverbal reaction. Truthful Reaction:. Deceptive Reaction: Nonverbal Verbal E. Transition - "I want to sit down and spend some time with you to see if we can get this thing straightened out. Here is what I think that we are looking at Sit down Place file on the side Assume interrogational posture Begin Theme development Nine Steps of Interrogation Alternative Confrontation Statements Jim, the results of our investigation indicate that or, the results of our investigation indicate that When multiple subjects have been interviewed, an alternative confrontation statement that may be appropriate is:.

In a monologue the interrogator proposes to the suspect reasons and motives that will serve to psychologically justify or excuse the suspect's criminal behavior.

How To Teach The Reid Technique Of Interviewing And Interrogation

Law enforcement personnel use a variety of procedures to elicit confessions from suspects. The Reid Technique uses psychological methods to elicit confessions from those who are believed to be guilty, without the need to resort to physical force to extract a confession. The nine-step process for effective interrogation has been used in police-training programs nationally. The Reid Technique or similar methods are routinely used by law enforcement in structuring interrogation. Unfortunately, the Reid Technique is sometimes misapplied by law enforcement. Another problem is that the underlying theories behind the Reid Technique have not been empirically validated.

Reynolds, M. Criminal Profiling: The Process. Ezine articles. Treatment of Sex Offenders. Sex and sexuality pp. All About Serial Killers. Second Call Defense.

In the Reid technique, interrogation is an accusatory process, in which the investigator tells the suspect that the results of the investigation clearly indicate that they did commit the crime in question. The Reid technique user's goal is to make the suspect gradually more comfortable with telling the truth.

The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation for ...

Reid and Associates, Inc. The material in this outline is designed solely for the participants attending this program. No portion of this material may be reproduced, copied or transmitted to any other person without the express written consent of John E.

In , a year-old unsophisticated man in Alberta was arrested for aggravated assault on his infant son. After several hours of interrogation, during which time he repeatedly denied having hurt his son, he was left in the interview room. The investigating officers in M. The suspect is relentlessly pushed to accept culpability.

The Reid technique is a method of interrogation. The psychological system was developed in the United States by John E.

Interview and Interrogation: The Reid Technique versus Hypnosis

In , while disembarking a GO Bus on his way home, Michael Dixon was arrested for a robbery he did not commit. Dixon, who is black, tall, and was wearing boots and socks that night. Eyewitness accounts of the robbery described a short, white man wearing sandals with no socks as the perpetrator. Despite this, and other clear evidence, Dixon was arrested and spent three-and-a-half-days in custody.

By: James Orlando, Associate Attorney. This report provides a concise overview of 1 the Reid method of interrogation, 2 critiques of the Reid method, and 3 alternative interrogation techniques. The Reid method is a system of interviewing and interrogation widely used by police departments in the United States. Reid and Associates, Inc. According to the company ' s website, over , law enforcement and security professionals have attended the company ' s interview and interrogation training programs since they were first offered in Some critics contend that the Reid Technique is premised on certain assumptions about human behavior that are not supported by empirical evidence, and that the technique may lead to false confessions. The company contends that critics mischaracterize the Reid Technique and that false confessions are caused by interrogators applying inappropriate methods not endorsed by the company.

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Police Interrogation – Reid & PEACE Techniques

The CSI Effect and its Implications in Forensic Science

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How To Teach The Reid Technique Of Interviewing And Interrogation


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Reid technique

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Reid Technique for Interrogations


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