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Over the years, countless wing configurations have been tried and tested. Few have been successful. Learn about the different types of aircraft wing configurations and see how each wing type differs from the other, as well as the pros and cons of each.

Last month we began our discussion of the structural layout of the wing with a look at externally braced wings. We now turn our attention to cantilever wings. The majority of modern airplanes have cantilever wings because the drag penalty of external wing bracing is excessive for their mission. On a cantilever wing, all of the loads are borne on structural elements that fit entirely within the airfoil contour of the wing. The wing will incorporate one or more full-span spars that carry the primary bending load.

Swept wing

A swept wing is a wing that angles either backward or occasionally forward from its root rather As the pressure waves converge the air in front of the aircraft begins to compress. This creates a Thus swept-forward wings are unstable in a fashion similar to the low-speed problems of a conventional swept wing. Spanwise airflow over a forward-swept wing is the reverse of flow over a conventional swept wing. Air flowing over any swept wing tends to move spanwise

With the tips located forward of the point where the wings connect to the fuselage, the plane almost looks as if it is travelling backwards in flight. They maintain airflow over their surfaces at steeper climb angles than conventional planes, which means the nose can point higher without the aircraft going into a dangerous stall. Forward-swept wings are unusual, but one of the better-known recent designs is the Russian experimental fighter, the Sukhoi Su Berkut. Forward-swept wings make an aircraft harder to fly, but the advantages are mainly down to manoeuvrability. In addition, their aerodynamic properties change less between subsonic and supersonic flight than swept-back wings, meaning that the Su is well suited to transonic flight — in other words, at speeds close to the sound barrier. Gareth Mitchell.

Aviation Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for aircraft pilots, mechanics, and enthusiasts. It only takes a minute to sign up. What are the advantages of a forward-swept wing vs. Image credit: NASA. There have only been a few aircraft built with forward-swept wings.

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A B Stratofortress showing wing with a large sweepback angle. A swept wing is a wing planform favored for high subsonic and supersonic speeds, and is found on almost all jet aircraft in one form or another, as well as some high speed propeller aircraft. Compared with straight wings common to slower aircraft, they have a "swept" wing root to wingtip direction angled beyond usually aftward the spanwise axis. This has the effect of delaying the drag rise caused by fluid compressibility near the speed of sound, increasing performance. The concept was first investigated in Germany as early as , but it found no application until just before the end of the Second World War. Swept wings became common on second-generation post-war fighters like the MiG and F Sabre , which demonstrated a decisive superiority over the slower first generation of straight-wing jet fighters during the Korean War.

Within the frame of the NLF path a short and medium range transport aircraft with forward swept laminar wing was designed. The present paper is focused on the aerodynamic design of the forward swept wing in cruise flight. The resulting wing was assessed on overall aircraft level with respect to its fuel reduction potential, whereby the CSR configuration, essentially a re-design of the Airbus A, was used as a reference. Laminarization of boundary layers on wing, empennage and engine nacelles of transport aircraft has undoubtedly the highest potential for improving the aerodynamic performance. But before this technology can find its way into series production and become fully operational a bunch of scientific issues have to be resolved. Aerodynamics is inherently the key driver for development of laminar technology on transport aircraft. Consequently, throughout the past decades the basic problems regarding laminar to turbulent transition on transonic swept wings have been investigated thoroughly and flow control methodologies capable of delivering large portions of laminar boundary layer flow are well understood [ 2 ].

Keywords: forward-swept wing, FSW, aerodynamics, instability, Grumman X Nomenclature some of its benefits and shortcomings presented. 2 General.

What are the advantages of forward-swept wings in aircraft design?

By Collimatrix , March 9, in Aviation. Every so often someone asks a question about the advantages of forward-swept wings, and usually they get a shitty half-assed answer about how they somehow improve maneuverability and stuff. I will attempt to provide a fully-assed answer. The short version is that forward swept wings do roughly the same thing as conventional aft swept wings; they increase critical mach number.

A forward-swept wing is an aircraft wing configuration in which the quarter-chord line of the wing has a forward sweep. Typically, the leading edge also sweeps forward. The forward-swept configuration has a number of characteristics which increase as the angle of sweep increases. The rearward location of the main wing spar would lead to a more efficient interior arrangement with more usable space. Air flowing over any swept wing tends to move spanwise towards the rearmost end of the wing.

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Design Process: Cantilever Wings

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Forward-swept wing

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