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Human evolution

This volume addresses the origin of the human genus Homo, a major transition in human evolution and associated with major changes in brain size, locomotion, and culture, but one with many unanswered questions. How many different species of Homo were there, and how were they interrelated? Are stone tools a characteristic of early Homo? What was their function? How does the use of stone tools relate to changes in the dentition and brain size? Did adaptations for long distance running first appear with the origin of this genus?

While this concept is unfortu-nately widely and deeply embedded in the public consciousness, it is completely unsupported by the massive amount of data on evolution, not only for the brain but for all characters across the board. The evolution of human intelligence is closely tied to the evolution of the human brain and to the origin of language. The timeline of human evolution spans approximately 9 million years, from the separation of the genus Pan until the emergence of behavioral modernity by 50, years ago. The ape-human comparison sets the limits for what comparative physiology and anatomy can reveal about our brain evolution. Evolution of Human Brain Atlases We track below the evolution of human brain atlases in terms of content, applications, functionality, and availability. From 6—2 million years ago. Between the ape and ourselves there are no living intermediate forms; the only possibility of revealing the specificity of human brain evolution … Because the human brain has become so large and sophisticated in terms of the social computations it supports, it takes a very long time for it to develop fully.

The goal of this Research Topic is to shed light on the effects of human self-domestication on the evolution of our species, with a focus on our distinctive cognitive and behavioural phenotype. Compared to extant primates and extinct hominins, humans exhibit many of the features found in domesticated animals. Recent research suggests as well that the regions under positive selection in humans are enriched in candidate genes for domestication in mammals. Interestingly, morphological signatures of domestication have seemingly intensified from According to some hypotheses, the less aggressive behaviour associated with self-domestication might have facilitated the creation of the niche that favoured the emergence of complex behaviours via cultural evolution, in particular, of more complex languages able to support more complex cultural practices. In turn, complex behaviours and cultural practices resulting from self-domestication might have had a feedback effect on our cognitive architecture, thus affecting to the evolution of our distinctive brain and cognition. Overall, it seems that most of the distinctive features of present-days humans can be related to and perhaps explained by our self-domestication.


The rapid evolutionary development of modern Homo sapiens over the past , years is a topic of fevered interest in numerous disciplines. How did humans, while undergoing few physical changes from their first arrival, so quickly develop the capacities to transform their world? Tomlinson offers a new model for understanding this period in our emergence, one based on analysis of advancing human cultures in an evolution that was simultaneously cultural and biological—a biocultural evolution. He places front and center the emergence of culture and the human capacities to create it, in a fashion that expands the conceptual framework of recent evolutionary theory. His wide-ranging vision encompasses arguments on the development of music, modern technology, and metaphysics. With its innovative synthesis of humanistic and scientific ideas, this book will be an essential text.

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Cultural evolution

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evolutionary and adaptive explanations, and places hu man behavior and mind in their natural context. Cultural psychology calls the attention of psychology to one.

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PDF | Studies of cultural adaptation and evolution are important for advancing our knowledge of what it means to be human and helping to.

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Cultural evolution is an evolutionary theory of social change.

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