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ghana demographic and health survey 2008 pdf

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The dataset is available to the public freely at www.

Metrics details. Anemia in children continues to be a major public health challenge in most developing countries, particularly in Africa. Anemia in the early stages of life leads to severe negative consequences on the cognitive as well as the growth and development of children, which may persist even after treatment.

Ghana Demographic and Health Survey 2008

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This study examined the association between maternal and child dietary diversity in a population-based national sample in Ghana. The data for this analysis are from the Ghana Demographic and Health Survey. The same food groups were used to compose both maternal and child DDS. There was a statistically significant positive association between child and maternal DDS, after adjusting for all other variables. The results show a significant positive association between child and maternal DD, after accounting for the influence of child, maternal and household level factors. Since the likely path of influence is that maternal DDS impacts child DDS, public health efforts to improve child health may be strengthened by promoting maternal DDS due to its potential for a widened effect on the entire family. This is an open access article distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution License , which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original author and source are credited.

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Our study, therefore, aimed to retrospectively look at the trends and determinants of contraceptive use modern and traditional among female adolescents in Ghana. We used data from the , and Ghana Demographic and Health Surveys. The sample for this study comprised sexually active female adolescents aged 15—19 for each of the rounds thereby resulting in a sample of in , in and in We calculated the proportion of adolescents using contraceptives either traditional or modern for each of the three surveys. We computed the use of contraceptives among adolescents and the type of contraceptives used with respect to their socio-demographic characteristics.

A systematic analysis of global anemia burden study reported that with a global prevalence of Several other micronutrients e. Although the prevalence and susceptibility of anemia differ substantially across sex and age groups, women of reproductive age are regarded as a research priority because of the increased exposure to pregnancy related complications e. Globally, there has been a rising concern regarding the consequences of anemia and other micronutrient deficiency disorders hidden hunger on maternal and infant health. According to WHO estimates, the prevalence rates of anemia for non-pregnant women are

Download this publication. Small PDF Icon Ghana Demographic and Health Survey (PDF, K) · Small PDF Icon Errata__Ghana_DHS_Aug (all.

Demographic and Health Survey 2008

Overweight and obesity are among the leading threats to global health because of their association with increased risk of morbidity and mortality. Much of the research on overweight and obesity among women largely generalize without due cognisance to differences in their reproductive history. Anthropometric measurements from three nationally representative Ghana Demographic and Health Surveys , and were analysed using descriptive statistics and multivariate binary logistic regression. However, there were variations in the association between parous and nulliparious women by educational level, type of locality, occupation and ethnicity.

Despite the high antenatal care attendance rate in Ghana, skilled birth attendance is relatively low. There is limited evidence on whether antenatal care attendance translates into skilled birth attendance in the Ghanaian research discourse. This study investigates whether antenatal care attendance translates into skilled birth.

Demographic and Health Survey 2014

Metrics details. A small but growing body of research indicates that progress in reducing child malnutrition is substantially uneven from place to place, even down to the district level within countries. To support carefully targeted intervention to reduce child malnutrition, public health planners and policy-makers require access to more refined prevalence data and trend analyses than are presently available. The GDHS are nationally representative cross-sectional surveys that have been carried out in many developing countries. These surveys constitute one of the richest sources of information currently available to examine time trends in child malnutrition.

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Identification Survey ID Number. Study type. Series Information. The primary objective of the GDHS was to generate recent reliable information on fertility, family planning, infant and child mortality, maternal and child health, and nutrition. In addition, the survey collected specialised data on malaria treatment, prevention, and prevalence among children age months; blood pressure among adults; anaemia among women and children; and HIV prevalence among adults. This information is essential for making informed policy decisions and for planning, monitoring, and evaluating programmes related to health in general, and reproductive health in particular, at both the national and regional levels. Analysis of data collected in the GDHS provides updated estimates of basic demographic and health indicators covered in the earlier rounds of the , , , , and surveys.

The GDHS is the fifth DHS survey to be undertaken in Ghana since All five surveys have been implemented by the Statistical Service of Ghana, in.

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Demographic and Health Survey 2008

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Ghana - Demographic and Health Survey 2008

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In Ghana, home delivery among women in urban areas is relatively low compared to rural areas.

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