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work life balance and job satisfaction questionnaire pdf

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The General Social Survey is a biannual, nationally representative, personal interview survey of U. Using a small group process with internal and external expert teams, NIOSH selected 76 questions dealing with a wide assortment of work organization issues. Half of the questions in the Quality of Worklife module were taken directly from the Quality of Employment Survey, allowing comparisons of worker responses over a year period. The primary goals of the Quality of Worklife module are to measure how work life and the work experience have changed since the earlier Quality of Employment Surveys and to establish benchmarks for future surveys.

Work/Life Balance Surveys: Templates & Questions

Emotional intelligence exerts a noteworthy impact on both turnover intentions and job satisfaction. The objective of this research was to evaluate the perceived emotional intelligence and its relationship with work life balance and job satisfaction among the healthcare professionals in twin cities of Pakistan. A descriptive cross sectional study design was used. Two different pre validated tools, the impact of work life balance factors on job satisfaction questionnaire, and the NHS emotional intelligence questionnaire were distributed to conveniently selected sample of prescribers, nurses, and pharmacists. After the data collection, the data was cleaned, coded and entered in SPSS version 21, and was statistically analyzed. The results of the present study concluded that a significant relationship existed among the emotional intelligence, work life balance and job satisfaction. The emotionally intelligent healthcare professionals were better in managing their work life balance and were more satisfied with their job.

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Journal Metrics. The study examines the effects of perceived work-life balance and job satisfaction on organizational commitment among healthcare employees. It was predicted that perceived work-life balance fosters job satisfaction which leads to the organizational commitment among employees in the long run. Organizational commitment was measured by selecting 11 items from Blau et. Results showed that respondents have moderate level of perceived work-life balance, job satisfaction and commitment.


In this study, we examined whether the associations between working hours, job satisfaction, and work-life balance are mediated by occupational stress. In addition, we tested whether perceived time control helps moderate the effects of working hours and occupational stress. Questionnaires were administered to respondents working in the high-tech and banking industries. Analyses were then conducted on the data. The analysis revealed significant correlations between long working hours and both occupational stress and work-life balance, as well as between occupational stress and both work-life balance and job satisfaction.

Skip to Main Content. A not-for-profit organization, IEEE is the world's largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. Use of this web site signifies your agreement to the terms and conditions. Work life balance and job satisfaction: How relevant are they? Abstract: Job satisfaction could simply be defined as how employees feel about their jobs. However, although it is simple to term, realistically job satisfaction is hard and very challenging to be fulfilled.

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organisations and employees to achieve a better work life balance and job satisfaction. A self-administered questionnaire was distributed randomly to a sample.

The Work Life Balance and Job Satisfaction in Oil and Gas organisations in the UAE context

Talent retention is of particular concern in the information technology IT sector owing to globalisation, the skills shortage and rapidly advancing technology. Employee turnover has signifi cant costs and negative consequences for organisations. A random sample of 79 permanently employed salaried employees in a South African IT company participated in the study.

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Work life balance survey template

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PDF | Work life Balance (WLB) is timely important area of Human company and their employees to achieve a better work life balance and job satisfaction. questionnaire was distributed randomly to a sample of full time.

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