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petroleum engineering drilling and well completions pdf

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Ouyang, Liang-Biao, and W. Bill Huang. Well completion plays a critical role in well design, and more importantly, the performance of the well in its entire life.

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Carl Gatlin: Petroleum engineering. Drilling and well completions

In short, well completion simply means deeming the well a commercially viable operation, then preparing the well for production. The most widely held view is that completion begins when a drill bit first makes contact with a productive reservoir. A successful completion must first make the optimum mechanical connection between the wellbore and the reservoir. That optimum connection must perform three functions. It must:. After the final string of casing is run and cemented into place, production tubing is run into the hole.

Cavender, Travis W. Underbalanced drilling UBD is undoubtedly one of the "hottest" topics in the oilfield today. Although not a new concept, UBD has just recently come of age, as the benefits it offers to the oil and gas industry have been noted only within the last few years. Underbalanced drilling offers many notable advantages, which include: Reducing formation damage. The benefits of the above are obvious; therefore, they will not be discussed in depth in this paper. While UBD technology has come a long way since the early wells that were brought in via gushers that rose above the wooden derricks, underbalanced drilling can only supply part of the solution - once drilling procedures are concluded, and the completion phase begins; the primary operational drivers change. Rather than focusing on such activities as drilling performance and formation evaluation while drilling, the completion drivers target the reduction of fluid loss and the elimination of formation damage.

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Once a natural gas or oil well is drilled, and it has been verified that commercially viable, it must be "completed" to allow for the flow of petroleum or natural gas out of the formation and up to the surface. This process includes: casing, pressure and temperature evaluation, and the proper instillation of equipment to ensure an efficient flow out of the well. In recent years, these processes have been greatly enhanced by new technologies. Advanced Well Completion Engineering summarizes and explains these advances while providing expert advice for deploying these new breakthrough engineering systems. The book has two themes: one, the idea of preventing damage, and preventing formation from drilling into an oil formation to putting the well introduction stage; and two, the utilization of nodal system analysis method, which optimizes the pressure distribution from reservoir to well head, and plays the sensitivity analysis to design the tubing diameters first and then the production casing size, so as to achieve whole system optimization. With this book, drilling and production engineers should be able to improve operational efficiency by applying the latest state of the art technology in all facets of well completion during development drilling-completion and work over operations. Drilling, completion, production, reservoir, and research engineers; geologists; managers in drilling, completion, production, and exploration; others involved in various phases of horizontal and multilateral wells or interested in gaining an interdisciplinary up-to-date understanding of this continually evolving technology.

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Once a well has been drilled to total depth TD , evaluated, cased and cemented, engineers complete it by inserting equipment, designed to optimize production, into the hole. The driver behind every well completion strategy, whether for a complex or basic well, is to recover, at a reasonable cost, as large a percentage of the original oil in place OOIP as possible. The decision to case and cement a well for production or plug and abandon it as a dry hole relies heavily on formation evaluation FE using open-hole logs. For the purposes of this article, completion refers to all operations following the placement of cement behind the production casing, which is performed after FE. Once FE log analysis indicates the existence and depth of formations likely to produce commercial volumes of hydrocarbons, steel casing is run in the borehole and cement is pumped behind it.

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Equipment designed to optimize production

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