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Boy Names • Boy Baby Names & Meanings

Last Updated on January 2, Are you looking for a beautiful name for your beautiful son? Wondering how many options you have? Everyone wants a name that is unique. A unique name adds on to our distinct identity and personality. Many of us believe in looking for a distinct and unique name for our kids. Well, you need to be careful while choosing a unique name as it should not cause an embarrassment for your child in future if the name is completely off track or cannot be spelt correctly.

So here we have a list of unique baby boy names for your little one:. Nowadays, as we are progressing further and becoming more and more advanced, we prefer simple yet refreshing names.

Of course the element of distinct and uniqueness must be there but a simple easy to pronounce names is what most modern parents prefer.

Just go through this list of some modern names which we have selected from an endless list of names available:. If we set aside unique, traditional and distinct names for a while, then we may see that many people nowadays prefer the latest trending names.

They are ok if the name is not very unique but should not look off track and should be as per the new trends. For instance, Benjamin becomes Benji, Stephen becomes Steve, etc. Here we go with the latest trending names:. The name you choose will give your son an identity and will remain with him throughout his life.

Choosing the best name can depend on a lot many factors around us. It can be:. Most parents look for a unique, meaninful name for their baby, and most names they come across tend to be generic. Choosing a unique Christian name for your baby boy that holds meaning, yet stands apart has never been this easy. On a serious note, the list of names and choices are endless. You need to narrow down a few good names as per your liking and then finally choose the best of all. The naming ceremony is truly an overwhelming occasion for both parents and children.

The name you choose for your son is like one precious gift to him and will remain by his side throughout his life and will also be passed on to his children as a legacy. All you need to is inculcate high moral values in your child to live up to his name. Sign in. Log into your account. Forgot your password? Create an account. Sign up. Password recovery. Recover your password. Advertise About Us Contact Us. Get help. FirstCry Parenting.

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32,469 baby girl names list in mobile PDF

The Hindu Dharma or the Sanatan Dharma is an ancient religious practice and shows people a way of life. A large population follows this religious practice. Of the many things that the religion has to offer to its followers, names are a major chunk. Taken from Sanskrit — the mother of all languages — these names are meaningful and lovely. If you are looking for a Hindu baby boy name, then MomJunction has put together a list, which will give you a wide variety of names that would spoil you for choice. You could give your Aquarian babies this name. This Sanskrit name is gaining popularity, not just in India, but all over the world.

A Saint Valentine Latin: Valentinus was a widely … you are looking for, From the time of Kepler to that of Newton, and from Newton to Hartley, not only all things in external nature, but the subtlest mysteries of life and organization, and even of the intellect and moral being, were conjured within the magic circle of mathematical formulae. We are unable to respond on request for personalized assistance at the moment. See the popularity of the girl's name Valona over time, plus its meaning, origin, common sibling names, and more in BabyCenter's Baby Names tool. Unfortunately, they lose the ability of holding breath when they start growing up. It is not listed in the top names. There is no greater gift we can bestow upon others than a happy smile and a constructive thought of well being.

Want an easy way of looking through thousands of baby names on your phone? So I made my own. And now you can use this PDF too. The U. The list is sorted by which names were used the most.

5126682 1000 Baby Names Meanings and Origins PDF

Last Updated on January 2, Are you looking for a beautiful name for your beautiful son? Wondering how many options you have? Everyone wants a name that is unique. A unique name adds on to our distinct identity and personality.

Learn more. For modern Sanskrit baby names, also visit Tamilcube. To search for a matching Tamil baby name, select whether a baby boy or baby girl, enter first few letters of a baby name in the search box above and click 'SEARCH'. To search for a matching baby name in Tamil, you have several options to enter Tamil names in the search box above. If you are familiar with Romanised Transliteration, you can select the Tamil button above and start typing in English.

180 Christian Baby Boy Names with Meanings

Table of Contents Table of Contents,3 Introduction Top Ten Names Around the World A B C D A name is chosen by sound, meaning and origin by parents many times having to do with religion, ethnicity and a lot of different factors.

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32,469 baby girl names list in mobile PDF

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