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what is shale gas and why is it important pdf

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Modern Shale Gas Development in the United States: A Primer

The United States is the biggest energy consumer in the world, accentuating its energy security priorities in twenty-first century geopolitics. The U. Although oil continues to play a central role in the international energy market, the United States has doubled its production over the last six years and is now importing less The Economist , As the United States positions itself in the global energy market, it also faces the task of overcoming environmental issues linked to the generation of electricity, energy, and fossil fuels. Since , the Obama administration has increased energy efficiency by adopting an environmental policy to combat climate change.

The recent increase in the development of shale gas in North America has raised significant public concerns about associated environmental risks. Shale gas is a natural gas resource trapped in impermeable shale rock. Shale gas requires special or unconventional production techniques to fracture the rock in which it is trapped, in order to free the gas and enable its flow. Shale gas can be extracted using a variety of techniques, 4 including those employed for conventional natural gas. While these two techniques have existed separately for decades, their combined use is relatively new and largely responsible for making shale gas commercially viable.

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Sondergeld, C. We present a practical assessment of petrophysical properties of shales and their measurement in the lab and via logs. Gasbearing shale present unique measurement challenges due to their ultra-low permeability and complicated pore volume connectivity. The combination of low intrinsic permeability and gas sorption effects renders these reservoirs "unconventional". Advances in horizontal drilling and hydraulic stimulation have transformed gas-shale resources into economic reserves.

Shale Gas Production Washington, D. Natural gas production from hydrocarbon rich deep shale formations, known as "shale gas," is one of the most quickly expanding trends in onshore domestic oil and gas exploration. The lower 48 states have a wide distribution of these shales containing vast resources of natural gas. Led by rapid development in the Barnett Shale in Texas, current shale gas activity is also found in areas of Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Michigan, Illinois, and the Appalachian Basin. Some of these areas have seen little or no oil and gas activity in the past and new shale gas development can bring change to the environmental and socio-economic landscape.

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Shale gas is natural gas that is found trapped within shale formations. Some analysts expect that shale gas will greatly expand worldwide energy supply. The Obama administration believed that increased shale gas development would help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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Shale gas is currently being explored in Europe as an alternative energy source to conventional oil and gas.

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Natural gas, particularly shale gas, is one of the main sustainable energy sources in the current century.

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NATURAL GAS FROM SHALE: Questions and Answers With the advance of extraction technology, shale gas production has led to a FS_pdf.

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