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The question being assessed is whether changes in the degree of global geopolitical risk GPR , as defined by the framework developed by Iacoviello , can be used to improve allocative efficiency, thereby increasing investment returns on oil commodities.

With global consumption at million barrels of oil a day, the sudden rise in oil prices had a ripple effect on international markets, which took a tumble Monday. ABC News spoke to an oil industry expert to break down what exactly causes the prices for this global commodity to rise and fall. As for what causes oil prices to rise?

Supply, demand and 'geopolitical tensions': How oil prices rise

The Middle East and North Africa MENA region is a critical one in the global energy transition, because of its core role in producing, using and exporting oil and natural gas. As international policies on climate change become more stringent, and new energy systems gain in competitiveness, its economic and political systems face the twin challenge of falling resource rents, and the global geopolitical and geoeconomic shift towards Asia. Regional countries are to different degrees implementing policies to retool their domestic hydrocarbon industries, introduce renewables and other new energy technologies, realign towards new markets and diversify their economies. Regional unrest and conflict, climate change, and geopolitical competition between the US, Russia, China and other local and international powers complicate the diplomacy and energy security challenges of the MENA energy transition. It remains the global centre of oil exports and is also a very important gas-exporting zone.

The United States' dependence on oil has long influenced its foreign policy. This timeline traces the story of U. The three major periods include the rise of oil as a commodity, beginning in ; the post-WWII age of geopolitical competition; and the current era of deregulation and diversification. The development of the Watt steam engine in the late eighteenth century spurs a wave of mechanization in Europe and the United States known as the Industrial Revolution. Coal is the main energy source driving the revolution in its beginning years. In the mids, kerosene produced from refined crude oil begins to make its way onto the market in the United States as a lighting fuel, an alternative to the dwindling supply of whale oil.

Since before World War I and throughout the s, the people who controlled oil had a lever for controlling others. Since the s, the equation has shifted; oil producers have become dependent on oil consumers. Demand was always there, and then it started to vary and the political stability of oil producers also varied. Our view of was that a routine business cycle would resurrect those pressures. We did not anticipate the coronavirus, nor the global panic, particularly the disruption of the Chinese economy. We predicted that the Chinese economy would be disrupted as a result of a decline in global demand, and this would be followed by a decline in oil prices. The result would be increased global political stress, particularly on oil producers.

Oil Dependence and U.S. Foreign Policy

This paper attempts to rationalize recent oil price strength and perspectives for the remainder of the year. Post-trough recovery and demand-led strength have been substituted by geopolitics as prime oil price driver since early Q2 In order to gage a better view on these latest movements, we try to disentangle the influence of diverse factors on oil prices. We first estimate the log of Brent oil prices in function of the log of a world GDP now index based on Goldman Sachs world GDP now-casting index , the log of world oil supply data from the US Department of Energy , the log of net long positions on the Brent futures and the log of the Dollar index DXY , plus one constant, all on a monthly frequency from January to January , data on world oil supply beyond that date are still missing. We use an error-correction model 1 allowing the identification of a long-term and short-term equation. We can interpret coefficients in the long-term equation as elasticities. The residual of the long-term equation could be associated with the geopolitical factor, which we tried to put in this equation via the inclusion of a weighted average of a geopolitical risk index Saudi Arabia, Russia, Mexico, Malaysia, Indonesia… but it was not significant.

PDF | This article links two major areas of work on the geographies of oil: socially produced scarcity and the 'new realities' of oil, with wider.

Global energy and geopolitical risk: behavior of oil markets

Political events can have a significant influence on the price of oil, but the price of oil also has a strong influence on political events. In , the latter was in full force, with enormous geopolitical consequences from the downturn in the price of oil. Which oil-rich countries will be most affected by changes in the global economics of the oil industry? In this article, we examine six oil-rich countries that have the potential for long-term economic transformation that could impact international businesses, investors, and — of course — the energy industry.

strategic and international studies

This paper attempts to rationalize recent oil price strength and perspectives for the remainder of the year. Post-trough recovery and demand-led strength have been substituted by geopolitics as prime oil price driver since early Q2

1. Introduction

In this paper, we analyze the connectedness between the recent spread of COVID, oil price volatility shock, the stock market, geopolitical risk and economic policy uncertainty in the US within a time-frequency framework. The coherence wavelet method and the wavelet-based Granger causality tests applied to US recent daily data unveil the unprecedented impact of COVID and oil price shocks on the geopolitical risk levels, economic policy uncertainty and stock market volatility over the low frequency bands. The COVID risk is perceived differently over the short and the long-run and may be firstly viewed as an economic crisis. Our study offers several urgent prominent implications and endorsements for policymakers and asset managers. The combination of these two problems will likely initiate a long-term economic downturn and drive the US economy into the next recession. The COVID pandemic outbreak continues its tremendous spread in the US causing unprecedented effects of the US stock markets volatility and the economic policy uncertainty where the recent stock volatility levels rival or exceed those observed during October , December and during the crash.

But the breakdown in Saudi-Russian cooperation in oil markets over the weekend is strikingly different this time. That two major producers would differ on oil strategy has been a frequent occurrence in the geopolitics of oil. As I have chronicled in my book with Rice econometrician Mahmoud El-Gamal, petro-states have been struggling to manage the up and down cycle of oil prices for decades, with a host of negative outcomes including wars, terrorism, financial meltdowns, and social repression. But the current conflict comes amid strikingly new circumstances. Saudi Arabia. Oil and Petroleum Products. Brent in the largest drop since amid reports that Saudi Arabia had slashed its sales prices for its April crude oil exports, initiating a price war in the aftermath of a failed meeting between the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries OPEC and Russia.

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Oil the price of geopolitics

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Second, geopolitical factor can lead to differences in crude oil exporting countries​' expectations of future oil supply and demand, and influence.

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