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4 Top Benefits of Leadership Succession Planning

Subscribe to our weekly digest to receive exclusive info to help you recruit, hire and elevate your company culture. Picture this: you're a successful, thriving business owner. You've got an awesome team led by a key player who we'll call Dave. All of a sudden, he quits without any notice. What do you think will happen next? The lists of consequences can really hurt:.

So, how can you prevent these misfortunes from happening? The Solution: Succession Planning. Succession planning is a process for identifying and developing employees to fill the responsibilities of roles within the organization. The goal of succession planning is not to make the current leadership dispensable, but instead to ensure business continuity and growth. Employees in senior positions often don many hats and shoulder multiple responsibilities that are integral to the growth of the business.

When even one such employee leaves, it can create substantial roadblocks in the smooth operation of an organization. Identifying successors early on can help mitigate risk, minimize downtime, and ensure carrying out of day-to-day operations seamlessly. Organizations can use succession planning to ensure all key roles within the company will be filled. Succession planning is a critical business continuity function, but it also benefits employees in a few ways: it signals long-term stability for the organization, as well as helps to identify and develop the next generation of leaders.

Ideally, organizations should have succession plans in place for all key roles which require a unique or market-scarce skill set. She is familiar with the responsibilities and has the necessary leadership skills to be successful in the role.

Because Lisa has been trained in advance to learn the skills that Dave had, the transition will be smooth and efficient and she is able to step in right away. Now back to the first scenario where there is no Lisa. Finding a good replacement requires quality time and money spent. By having to take the time to look for a replacement, the project might not be able to meet the deadline.

If you were a manager, what scenario would you prefer? Which would be best for the company, Lisa or someone completely new from outside of the company? The Succession Planning Process. The whole process is a cycle that will need to be repeated and improved upon in order to really be effective. If one of my starters gets into foul trouble or becomes injured then I need a bench player to step in.

This has always been my approach in my work experience as well. The first step in creating your team is to identify each position for all the players. Work down the list starting from the most vital all the way down to the entry-level positions. Look in all areas, regardless of their title. Include employees in current leadership positions to hold mentor positions or to provide useful feedback on who you should be looking for.

Make it known within the company that there is an implemented succession plan so that everyone is aware of what they can aspire to do. This pathway will begin to prepare the employee to someday fill that key position. It's important to get the employees' input at this step to make sure that they are fully committed to the pathway as well.

You want them to be prepared to step up in case anything happens so that we don't end up in the first Dave scenario.

Integrate development plans and mentorship programs into the pathway early in order to start preparing them for the future. Revisit and revise your succession plan on a regular basis when employees move around in your organization via turnover or promotion. Real-life Examples. This company has gone through several different CEOs with each one being very different from the other. The reason for that? The company lacked an internal succession process. Instead of grooming existing employees to take over, they replace CEOs with external hires.

In , Virginia Rometty made a smooth transition to CEO due to a successful internal succession plan. Virginia started her IBM career as a systems engineer in As you can see, succession planning is really important to company success.

Here are some of the top benefits:. Employee Retention. No one wants to be stuck in the same position with the same pay for the rest of their career. Life is about achievements, big or small. Many companies are now offering opportunities for their employees to climb up the promotion ladder.

When your employees have that transparency and know they can advance, they are more likely to stay. Believing you lack opportunity and the potential to grow is the strongest driver of turnover. A well communicated plan for evaluating candidates for promotion and leadership roles fosters the perception of equality.

For all these reasons succession planning is a powerful tool. Imagine how disgruntled you might be if you have been working for a company for five years and when a promotion pops up, you get passed over for someone outside the company that has less knowledge of the company.

Hiring internally will not only increase retention rates, but employees will have a boost in morale. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and valued. Lower Expenses. Hiring externally requires an expensive and time-consuming process.

It involves advertising, evaluating, training, and more. After doing so, how can you be sure that they are a perfect fit for the job?

Instead, it is something that is developed over time. Proper succession planning can keep costs from rising and promote within.

Hiring or promoting within makes a positive impact on your culture and your bottom line. Boost In Performance. Giving employees a chance to increase their skillset can only have benefits. It helps build strong leadership and strengthens departmental relationships. There will be increased productivity and an array of creative ideas. As talented as someone can be, there is always room to sharpen those talents.

Often times, those talents would never have been able to grow without an opportunity. However, you can plan and be prepared for the unpredictable. By placing a series of contingencies throughout the workplace you will be able to keep the company in good standing. If anything, not only will the company continue being in good standing but it will thrive with proper succession planning. Here at ProSky, we are strong believers that succession planning is a surefire way to not only help engagement and productivity, but will also increase employee retention and growth.

When she's not working on her next or ongoing projects for ProSky; she spends her days rock climbing, practicing yoga, completing her degree in Computer Science, and tutoring writing skills. Succession Planning 05 March The lists of consequences can really hurt: The entire business can be adversely affected by power struggles and chaos, and the culture will suffer the negative emotional impact. Clients will most likely lose faith in the ability of the business to continue to serve them at the level expected.

Other employees may seek other opportunities in lieu of clinging to a sinking ship. Carly Fiorina to Robert P. Here are some of the top benefits: 1. Employee Retention No one wants to be stuck in the same position with the same pay for the rest of their career. Lower Expenses Hiring externally requires an expensive and time-consuming process.

Boost In Performance Giving employees a chance to increase their skillset can only have benefits. Succession Planning 27 April Succession Planning 24 April Succession Planning 04 March

Succession Planning Pros and Cons

Copy embed code:. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. URL: Copy. Presentation Description No description available. Succession planning is a necessary part of an organisation's ability to reduce risk, create a proven leadership model, smooth business continuity and improve staff morale.

Everything you need to know about succession planning. Succession planning is a process of ensuring a suitable supply of successors for current and future key jobs. Succession planning is an essential activity that focuses on planning and managing the career of individuals to optimize their needs and aspirations. The term succession planning can be better understood by studying its characteristics. A succession of persons to fill key positions over time is essential for the survival and success of an organisation.

Benefits of succession planning — Why it’s so important

Subscribe to our weekly digest to receive exclusive info to help you recruit, hire and elevate your company culture. Picture this: you're a successful, thriving business owner. You've got an awesome team led by a key player who we'll call Dave.

Succession planning is a critical part of the human resources planning process. Human resources planning HRP is the process of having the right number of employees in the right positions in the organization at the time that they are needed. HRP involves forecasting, or predicting, the organization's needs for labor and supply of labor and then taking steps to move people into positions in which they are needed.

As an increasing number of senior executives around the globe near retirement age, many corporations are facing the challenge of finding a successor to take over leadership of the company. Succession planning programs are being implemented to help ensure that managers and employees are prepared for their eventual transition into leadership roles. According to AME Info, having a succession planning process in place leads to increased employee morale because it involves targeting a group of employees for future career advancement.

Succession planning is important for any business to ensure a steady stream of capable and qualified staff members to move into key roles as they become vacant due to retirement or attrition.

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The average CEO tenure for publicly traded companies is only five years, with the average employee tenure close behind at seven years. As new generations eager for advancement opportunities enter the workforce, organizations need to think long and hard about strategies to create a strong pipeline of future leaders. Succession planning helps companies identify high-potential candidates and prepare them to assume senior positions as they become available. Amazingly, only 15 percent of companies in North America claim to have a pipeline of such candidates in place. With the competition for talent bound to increase in the future as high employment rates keep the talent pool shallow, establishing a succession planning process is more important than ever before. Perhaps the most immediate benefit of a talent succession process are the cost savings.

As baby-boomers head for retirement, companies are starting to realise, sometimes belatedly, that a fair amount of corporate knowledge goes with them. Who is going to fill those shoes and effect a smooth transition? Leaving aside family-owned businesses, there are both pros and cons of succession-planning in an organisation. This may be a great way to keep a specific talent with the organisation. Another person more suited may have joined the organisation.

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