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Surveyors typically measure positions in series. Starting at control points, they measure angles and distances to new locations and use trigonometry to calculate positions in a plane coordinate system. Measuring a series of positions in this way is known as "running a traverse. Using these two measurements, the UTM coordinates of point P can be calculated as follows:.

Traversing in Surveying – Types and Methods

It only takes a minute to sign up. I need to use traverse method in my program on visual studio WPF so that the user can get their target point coordinate by using their initial data. In my knowledge there is two type of traverse that is open traverse and closed traverse. I search on the internet there mostly about the closed traverse. Although the open traverse cant be check for error i still need to use it for my project requirement. Can someone share me a simple open traverse calculation that i can use for my reference and program?

A closed traverse is a series of connected lines whose lengths and bearings are measured off these lines or sides , which enclose an area. A closed traverse can be used to show the shape of the perimeter of a fire or burn area. If you were to pace continuously along the sides of a closed traverse, the finishing point would be the same as the starting location. Note in the following sketch how the traverse is followed clockwise. If the direction was followed counterclockwise at any point, the bearing letters would change to their opposites but the numbers would not, as shown in the first sketch 1 below. The second sketch 2 is a closed traverse. Here, the series of lines completes a distance area, and the starting and ending points are the same.

Post a Comment Share your views or discuss. Menu twitter facebook. Overview: Open and Closed Traverses in Surveying 1. A traverse is a form of control survey used in a wide variety of engineering and property surveys. Essentially, traverses are a series of established stations tied together by angle and distance. Angles are measured by theodolites or total stations; the distances can be measured by electronic distance measurement EDM instruments, sometimes by steel tapes.

6.7 Closed Traverse

The linear measurements are made with tape or chain, and the relative directions of the lines are measured with a compass, theodolite or Chain. Direction provides and measurement of distance the essential two-dimensional data for determining the land area and for delivering horizontal control,. Traversing consists of reconnaissance selecting. A traverse, in general, is run to locate the features already existing in the area to be surveyed or to establish points or lines by predetermined measurements. It is employed for surveying long narrow strips of country, e. A traverse is said to be a closed one if it returns to the starting point, thereby forming a closed polygon as per below polygon drawing.

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Lecture Note: Surveying I A clockwise interior angle in a closed traverse is as follows This method can be used in open, closed, or closed loop traverses.

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My confusion is when I adopt Bowditch rule traverse close on last point and I get exactly same coordinatea of last point. Please guide me if you understand my question or if you need any clarification let me know thanks. Assuming it is an open traverse as opposed to a linked traverse , you are missing 'knowns' at the end of the traverse with which to close anything.

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1 An open traverse. A traverse that begins and ends at the same point, or at two different but known points, is called a closed traverse. Measurement errors in a closed traverse can be quantified by summing the interior angles of the polygon formed by the traverse.

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Traverse. ➢ Almost all surveying requires some calculations to necessary to have a closed traverse “If start at one corner of a closed traverse and walk its lines until you (originally meaning "open field", cognate to Swedish. "åker".

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Traverses can be open, as in route surveys, or closed, as in closed geometric figures (Figures 1 and 2). Traverse surveying has been one of the most basic.

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