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Alex Shulgin, 1925-2014

I love Alexander Shulgin. He is my idol, my hero, my sun, my O2. He is the grandfather of Ecstasy, the molecular magician, the atomic conquistador. Over the span of 50 years he has created more new psychedelic drugs than the Amazon jungle ever has. He is more of a mythological creature, a chemical centaur, than he is a real person.

Alexander Shulgin and Ann Shulgin , published in The book is arranged into two parts, the first part being a fictionalized autobiography of the couple and the second part describing different psychedelic compounds most of which Shulgin discovered himself , including detailed synthesis instructions, bioassays , dosages, and other commentary. The second part was made freely available by Shulgin on Erowid while the first part is available only in the printed text. While the reactions described are beyond the ability of people with a basic chemistry education, some tend to emphasize techniques that do not require difficult-to-obtain chemicals. Notable among these are the use of mercury-aluminum amalgam an unusual but easy to obtain reagent as a reducing agent and detailed suggestions on legal plant sources of important drug precursors such as safrole. Through PIHKAL and later TIHKAL , Shulgin sought to ensure that his discoveries would escape the limits of professional research labs and find their way to the public, a goal consistent with his stated beliefs that psychedelic drugs can be valuable tools for self-exploration. Many countries have banned the major substances for which this book gives directions for synthesis, such as 2C-B , 2C-T-2 , and 2C-T

Alex Sasha Shulgin has died at the age of Among some groups of people, he was the most famous chemist in the world — I refer specifically to people with a strong interest in psychedelic drugs. But his days were different from these days. When Shulgin was doing his earlier work, these compounds were for the most part not illegal. Even after their legal status changed, Shulgin had cordial relations with the DEA up until the early s, that is, when things went downhill. He was certainly not interested in becoming a drug lord, or coming up with the most efficient backyard synthesis of some profitable amphetamine. Shulgin was interested in the human brain and what happened to it when you messed around with its balance of neurotransmitters, and he was his own test subject along with a circle of friends.

Pihkal - Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved[].

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Get the Erowid "Words" T-shirt. It is an endogenous component of the human brain. Part 2 of PiHKAL may be distributed for non-commerical reproduction provided that the introductory information, copyright notice, cautionary notice and ordering information remain attached. No one who is lacking legal authorization should attempt the synthesis of any of the compounds described in these files, with the intent to give them to man. To do so is to risk legal action which might lead to the tragic ruination of a life.

Alexander Shulgin June 17, - June 2, was an American medicinal chemist, biochemist, organic chemist, pharmacologist, psychopharmacologist, and author. He is credited with introducing MDMA "ecstasy" to psychologists in the late s for psychopharmaceutical use, and for the discovery, synthesis and personal bioassay of over psychoactive compounds for their psychedelic and entactogenic potential. They developed a systematic way of ranking the effects of the various drugs, known as the Shulgin Rating Scale, with a vocabulary to describe the visual, auditory and physical sensations. Pihkal : A Chemical Love Story. Alexander Theodore Shulgin , Ann Shulgin. Alexander better known as "Sasha" and Ann Shulgin's PiHKAL: A Chemical Love Story has become a foundational work in the genre and was the first book to fully impart the how-to chemistry, and convey the effects, of many of the entheogenic drugs that are currently being studied and used to heal trauma and deal with death.

SiHKAL: Shulgins I Have Known and Loved

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PIHKAL: A Chemical Love Story

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Others have reported on the composition of "mystery pills," single-dose formulations obtained from retail shops and websites.

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Phenethylamines I Have Known And Loved: A Chemical Love Story. By Alexander and Ann Shulgin. phen-ethyl-amine \fen-'eth-al-.

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Alexander Shulgin June 17, - June 2, was an American medicinal chemist, biochemist, organic chemist, pharmacologist, psychopharmacologist, and author.

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