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without sanctuary photographs and postcards of lynchings in america pdf

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Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America

Jump to navigation. The Andy Warhol Museum presented the traveling exhibition, Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America— photographic prints and postcards from to that document the history of lynching in the United States. Racially motivated killings in the city had heightened existing racial tensions, and the exhibition provided a potent context for refocusing dialogue about race in Pittsburgh. The Warhol worked with a community advisory group to determine how the exhibition should be presented and interpreted both within and outside the museum. A timeline depicting African American achievement and resistance set against the history of lynching in America, was developed in collaboration with community advisors and later reproduced for distribution to all high schools in Allegheny County. Artmaking dialogues, led by artist-educators trained in dialogue, assured Without Sanctuary visitors a way to respond immediately to the highly charged images. A range of other dialogue opportunities included daily facilitated public dialogues, a video response booth, group tour discussions, use of the museum as a space for community groups to hold meetings and dialogues around race relations, and artist-educator outreach projects to extend the dialogue into the community.

On Looking: Lynching Photographs and Legacies of Lynching after 9/11

Access options available:. American Quarterly Without Sanctuary: Lynching Photography in America. The Without Sanctuary Project. Curated by Joseph F. Jordan; Douglas H. Martin Luther King Jr.

Lynching in the United States was a widespread occurrence beginning in the s Antebellum South until the civil rights movement in the s and s. Although the victims of lynching in the U. Lynchings in the U. The American South saw the majority of lynchings as it contained the largest number of African-Americans residing there, although racially motivated lynchings occurred in the Midwest and border states as well. These coincided with the Great Migration of African-Americans out of the American South, and were often perpetrated to enforce white supremacy and intimidate ethnic minorities through racial terrorism. A significant number of lynching victims were accused of murder or attempted murder.


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Representation was an essential component of the ritual, ensuring its diffusion in the images and narratives produced in response to the events.

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