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Linkers and Loaders by John R. Levine

In computing , a linker or link editor is a computer system program that takes one or more object files generated by a compiler or an assembler and combines them into a single executable file, library file, or another "object" file. A simpler version that writes its output directly to memory is called the loader , though loading is typically considered a separate process. Typically, an object file can contain three kinds of symbols:. For most compilers, each object file is the result of compiling one input source code file. When a program comprises multiple object files, the linker combines these files into a unified executable program, resolving the symbols as it goes along.

Linker (computing)

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Toggle navigation e. Levine Linkers and Loaders. Linkers and Loaders by John R. You'll learn to avoid the pitfalls associated with Windows DLLs, take advantage of the space-saving, performance-improving techniques supported by many modern linkers, make the best use of the UNIX ELF library scheme, and much more. Home Page. Crafting Interpreters: A handbook for making programming languages by Robert Nystrom 2. Compiler Construction by William M.

Written for any programmer who works with compiled code, this book surveys today's hardware platforms with a tour of how code is linked and executed on IBM mainframes, Unix, and Windows. This handy title fills a valuable niche for anyone who wants to understand how programs are built and run on today's computing systems. It's the cross-platform perspective that distinguishes this book. There's also a digestible guide to the computer architecture including registers, instruction formats, and memory addressing for each platform. Unix programmers will be pleased that the book has more information on non-Windows platforms than on Windows itself. The book closes with useful material on static libraries and dynamic linking, plus a short tour of Java and its class loader which can resolve classes on the fly as they are downloaded over the Internet. Short exercises are provided for each chapter, making this a useful resource for both classroom and self-study on what is an often overlooked topic.

by John R. Levine Linkers and loaders have been part of the software toolkit almost as long By , John Mauchly, who led the ENIAC project, wrote.


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While most of the examples are focused on three computer architectures that are widely used today, there are also many side comments about interesting and quirky computer architectures of the past. I can tell from these war stories that the author really has been there himself and survived to tell the tale. He is also publisher emeritus of the Journal of C Language Translation , long-time moderator of the comp.

Linkers and loaders

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