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chapter 17 plants fungi and the colonization of land ppt to pdf

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Bryophytes are an informal group consisting of three divisions of non-vascular land plants embryophytes : the liverworts , hornworts and mosses. They reproduce via spores. Regardless of their status, the name is convenient and remains in use as an informal collective term. The term "Bryophyta" was first suggested by Braun in


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Chapter 28 - Seedless Plants - Schools. Chapter 28 - Seedless Plants. The term "organic" refers to compounds that contain carbon. Organic nutrients such as sugars are made by photosynthesis. For example, the above-ground parts of most plants are covered by a waxy layer called a cuticle to prevent water loss.

Campbell Jane B. Reece Lawrence G. Mitchell Martha R. Plants and FungiA Beneficial Partnership Mutually beneficial associations of plant roots and fungi are common These associations are called mycorrhizae They may have enabled plants to colonize land. Citrus growers face a dilemma They use chemicals to control disease-causing fungi But these also kill beneficial mycorrhizae. Plants are multicellular photosynthetic eukaryotes They share many characteristics with green algae However, plants evolved unique features as they colonized land.

Worksheet 17-2 Seedless Plants

Worksheet 17 -2 - Seedless Plants. Green algae form colonies providing a hint about how multicellular plants evolved. Bryophytes are small because they lack vascular tissue, which is specialized for conducting. Vascular plants have vascular tissues that make it possible to move fluids through their bodies. In a fern life cycle, spores grow into haploid gametophytes that produce eggs in archegonia. The diploid zygote develops into a sporophyte.

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Chapter 17 Plants- Fungi and the Colonization of Land - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation .ppt), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or.

Chapter 28 - Seedless Plants - Schools

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The accumulation of traits that facilitated survival on landmay have opened the way to its colonization by plants Systematists are currently debating the boundaries of theplant kingdom Some biologists think the plant kingdom should beexpanded to include some or all green algae Until this debate is resolved, we define plants asembryophytes, plants with embryos. Four key traits appear in nearly all land plants but areabsent in the charophytes— Alternation of generations and multicellular,dependent embryos— Walled spores produced in sporangia— Multicellular gametangia— Apical meristems. The sporophyte produces spores in organs calledsporangia Diploid cells called sporocytes undergo meiosis togenerate haploid spores Spore walls contain sporopollenin, which makes themresistant to harsh environments.

Abiotic stresses hamper plant growth and productivity. Climate change and agricultural malpractices like excessive use of fertilizers and pesticides have aggravated the effects of abiotic stresses on crop productivity and degraded the ecosystem. There is an urgent need for environment-friendly management techniques such as the use of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi AMF for enhancing crop productivity. AMF are commonly known as bio-fertilizers.

Campbell's Biology, 8th Edition

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Chapter 29 - Plant Diversity I: How Plants Colonized Land

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