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Scientists take the gene for a desired trait in one plant or animal, and they insert that gene into a cell of another plant or animal. Genetic engineering can be done with plants, animals, or bacteria and other very small organisms.

What are the pros and cons of GMO foods?

Genetically modified organisms or GMOs are a product of a form of scientific farming, where crops are administered with chemicals to increase their sizes and yields. It is becoming more and more common in many types of food we see every day. But due to its concept, it has been a topic in heated debates around the world, with proponents and opponents pushing their arguments.

Here are the critical GMOs advantages and disadvantages:. They offer more useful knowledge for genetics. The mapping of GMO genetic material has increased knowledge about genetic alterations and paved the way for the enhancement of genes in crops to make them more beneficial in terms of production and human consumption. For instance, crops can be engineered to resist unfavorable temperatures or produce higher yields, thus providing a greater level of genetic diversity in regions where climate hinders productivity.

They allow for more profit. GMOs have become a very efficient means for farmers to make larger profits, as it allows them to spend less time on resources. It is also economically efficient in a way that these organisms are designed to be pest-resistant, eliminating the need to use pesticides, which means more savings.

They add more value to crops. Another great reason to grow GMO crops is that these plants will get added nutritional value, especially among those that previously lack the necessary vitamins and minerals. As there are regions around the world that heavily rely on rice or corn, plant genes can be added to such crops to boost their nutritional value, which is particularly helpful in malnourished populations. And because GMOs are able to resist pests and other plant diseases, crop yields will be increased without the farmers having to use pesticides.

They are known to decrease the prices of food. Advanced crops and higher yields certainly mean lower costs, which are a benefit that can be passed to the consumers in the form of cheaper food products.

This will be very helpful to families who cannot afford to buy supplies for everyday consumption. This also means that starvation will be prevented.

They yield products that are found to be safe. After precise testing and evaluation of GMOs and other related products, they are found to be safe for human consumption. In fact, study shows that they are even safer compared to traditional crops. They would make plants that leave unwanted residual effects to remain in the soil for a long period of time. The process of growing GMOs includes the addition of new genetic material into a crops genome, and similar to bacterial genetic engineering in agricultural ecology, this means the introduction of new genes in crops, like corn.

Experimental cultivation of these crops started in the US and Canada in the s and became large scale and commercial in the mid s. Now, research on the effects of large-scale growing of GMOs has revealed various concerns on ecosystems with GMO strains, which are believed to have the potential to alter agriculture. Particularly, GM plants had left unwanted or residual effects remaining in the soil for extended periods of time after they were removed, alerting agricultural regulators.

Data shows that despite the absence of the genetically modified plants, their strain persisted for up to 6 years. They can pose a threat to the insects that are important to the ecosystem. GM crops are said to be dangerous to some insects, as their genes could be deadly to them. This is definitely a serious issue when it comes to certain insects that are useful to the ecosystem, such as butterflies, and are not actually dangerous to crops.

They can produce more weeds and can threaten the lives of animals. Engineered plants are found to function as mediators to the transfer of genes to wild plants and the creation of weeds. To keep them under control, scientists are inventing new herbicides that were not necessary for non-GMO weeds and are toxic to various animals that feed on GMO crops, such as cows.

Tests have shown the uptake of these herbicides having toxic consequences on certain organisms and the ecosystem in general. They threaten crop diversity. Those who oppose the creation of GMOs push their argument with regards to the effect of these products on genetic diversity. They say that genes from GM crops can spread to organic farm crops, threatening diversity in agriculture.

If it does happen that crop diversity decreases, this will have a serious impact on the population dynamics of other organisms and the entire ecosystem.

While the chance that the strain of one genetically modified crop could pollinate an already existing non-GM crop is unpredictable and unlikely, as there are certain conditions to be met for cross pollination to occur, a large-scale plantation has the ability to release a GM strain during pollination, thus increasing the risk. As a result of the cross pollination to non-GM plants, hybrid strains are created, which means there is a greater chance of ecological novelty to occur.

New artificial strains will be introduced into the ecosystem that can potentially decrease the level of biodiversity through competition. They are believed to change the field of agriculture in a negative way. Research on the effects of growing GM crops on a large scale has sparked various concerns, specifically those regarding ecosystems with GMO strains. According to scientists, these strains have the potential to change agriculture in a negative way.

GMOs are undeniably an excellent means when we want to save on the budget for our everyday food. But before we apply this agriculture technology and method, it is highly important to look deeply into its advantages and disadvantages first. By doing so, we can determine if these products are the most appropriate option for us to get the right profit.

Based on the facts listed in this article, what would be your stand on this subject? List of Disadvantages of GMOs 1. Share Tweet Pin. As an entreprenuer, he has founded several multi-million dollar companies. If you have any questions about the content of this blog post, then please send our content editing team a message here.

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In this study, Ecologic Institute researchers Timo Kaphengst and Lucy Smith summarize the advantages and disadvantages of the increasing share of genetically modified organisms GMOs in developing countries. On the one hand, GM crops can increase export revenues; on the other hand, developing countries' resulting dependency on Western biotechnology companies could grow and threaten local farmers, especially smaller ones. Moreover, GMOs are leading to a reduction in biodiversity. In light of this, the authors recommend that GM crops no longer be promoted in developing countries. The study is available for download. It summarises the advantages as well as the disadvantages of the growing share of GM crops in developing countries. The briefing explores the following questions: is biotechnology able to fulfil its vision of fighting worldwide hunger?

Genetically engineered foods

Genetically modified GM foods are organisms that have had new genes added to themselves from other organisms. Being around since , they are produced in a way that is very similar to genetic engineering. The technique used in this type of crop management has been introduced to ensure farmers and merchants are able to improve crop or food quality in a more efficient way. Some people arrogate that this technology will help those in the agricultural industry decrease the amount of wasted crops and foods. But while there are many benefits of genetically modified foods, there are also potential drawbacks that are present.

Not a MyNAP member yet? Register for a free account to start saving and receiving special member only perks. The previous chapter discussed the difficulty of attributing changes in health outcomes directly to foods from new crop varieties, whether genetically engineered or conventionally bred.

Engineers design plants using genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, to be tougher, more nutritious, or taste better. However, people have concerns over their safety, and there is much debate about the pros and cons of using GMOs. A manufacturer creates GMOs by introducing genetic material, or DNA, from a different organism through a process called genetic engineering.

10 Advantages and Disadvantages of GMOs

Genetically modified crops GM crops are plants used in agriculture , the DNA of which has been modified using genetic engineering methods.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Genetically Modified Foods Advantages of Genetically Modified Foods

Genetically modified organisms or GMOs are a product of a form of scientific farming, where crops are administered with chemicals to increase their sizes and yields. It is becoming more and more common in many types of food we see every day. But due to its concept, it has been a topic in heated debates around the world, with proponents and opponents pushing their arguments. Here are the critical GMOs advantages and disadvantages:. They offer more useful knowledge for genetics.

The genetic engineering is one of the great marvels of 21st century human. It allowed for precise control over the genetic changes introduced into an organism. Today, we can incorporate new genes from one species into a completely unrelated species through genetic engineering, optimizing agricultural performance or facilitating the production of valuable pharmaceutical substances. Recently, the government of India has examined a proposal on GM mustard seeds despite there being severe opposition to it among environmental activists.

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The Impact of Biotechnology on Developing Countries

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10 Advantages and Disadvantages of GMOs

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