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The course aims at giving students the ability to understand both the causes and dynamics of the most challenging issues affecting international security. In addition, the program intends to provide students with the skills to show evidence of critical thinking on the main instruments used by States and the international community to confront security challenges.

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Peace and conflict studies

With the traditional approach to international security stemming from a Realist, state-centric focus, and being developed with the rise of Strategy Studies during the Cold War, it is clear that the emphasis on power politics and military security has dominated the field of Security Studies in the last century. With this in mind, it is important to assess the value of Peace Studies in the twenty-first century, and the relevance of its agenda as a response to the challenges to international security. As the nature and impact of conflict has evolved in recent decades, particularly in a globalised context, it becomes necessary to understand how an alternative perception of peace and war can provide balance to the debate surrounding stability and security. This essay, then, will begin with a brief background to Peace Studies, summarising its origins and evolution in becoming a recognised academic field. Providing a concise introduction to the reasons behind the increasing focus on peace in the modern era, Brunk asserts that, since the twentieth century has been described as the bloodiest in recorded human history, with not only two World Wars and the Cold War, but also ethnic, religious and revolutionary conflicts in addition to border wars between smaller states,.

This course provides an overview of the peacebuilding field and introduces the skills needed to succeed in it. This chapter provides a definition of conflict through which one can explore the social, political, and economic dynamics of peace and violence. It also provides a short history on how the peacebuilding field has evolved, compares and contrasts different definitions for peacebuilding and lays out scientific research that supports peacebuilding work. This chapter lays out the spectrum of tools and approaches utilized by peacebuilders in different contexts. It introduces the different roles third parties can play in building peace, while at the same time emphasizing the importance of local ownership of the process and outcome of such efforts. Finally, it presents five, 21st century priorities for building peace around the world. It also provides an important distinction between two forms of group communication — dialogue and debate.

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Peace Studies: An Alternative Perspective on International Security

Peace and conflict studies is a social science field that identifies and analyzes violent and nonviolent behaviours as well as the structural mechanisms attending conflicts including social conflicts , with a view towards understanding those processes which lead to a more desirable human condition. This social science is in contrast to military studies , which has as its aim on the efficient attainment of victory in conflicts, primarily by violent means to the satisfaction of one or more, but not all, parties involved. Disciplines involved may include philosophy , political science , geography , economics , psychology , sociology , international relations , history , anthropology , religious studies , and gender studies , as well as a variety of others. Relevant sub-disciplines of such fields, such as peace economics , may be regarded as belonging to peace and conflict studies also. Peace and conflict studies is both a pedagogical activity, in which teachers transmit knowledge to students; and a research activity, in which researchers create new knowledge about the sources of conflict.

Positive peace, Preventive diplomacy, Security dilemma. Contents. 1. Introduction. 2. The Quest for Peace and Security: Traditional Approach. Balance of.

PACS 2500: Introduction to Peace, Conflict, and Security Studies

It remains a unique and enduring principle that binds its members together, committing them to protect each other and setting a spirit of solidarity within the Alliance. NATO constantly reviews and transforms its policies, capabilities and structures to ensure that it can continue to address current and future challenges to the freedom and security of its members. Presently, Allied forces are required to carry out a wide range of missions across several continents; the Alliance needs to ensure that its armed forces remain modern, deployable, and capable of sustained operations. Many of the challenges NATO faces require cooperation with other stakeholders in the international community. Over more than 25 years, the Alliance has developed a network of partnerships with non-member countries from the Euro-Atlantic area, the Mediterranean and the Gulf region, and other partners across the globe.

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3. Peace and security. 1. Introduction. The Millennium Development Goals (​MDGs) have transformed development cooperation over the last 10 years or so.

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PACS Introduction to Peace, Conflict, and Security Studies. Photo Collage. About the Course. PACS is a survey course that introduces students.

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Detailed information about application requirements

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an introduction to peace studies, focusing on why this is a useful area of inquiry and how the student to the primary theories and topics with Peace Studies. What does this answer tell us about the role of IOs in the international security 3 This paper is available at:

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