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advanced and multivariate statistical methods mertler pdf

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Craig Mertler , Rachel Vannatta Reinhart. Ideal for non-math majors, Advanced and Multivariate Statistical Methods teaches students to interpret, present, and write up results for each statistical technique without overemphasizing advanced math. This highly applied approach covers the why, what, when and how of advanced and multivariate statistics in a way that is neither too technical nor too mathematical.

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Stresses the conceptual and practical aspects for students who do not need emphasis on theunderlying mathematical theory. Students learn not only the purpose of and how to compute the statistics using SPSS, they alsolearn the logic behind the techniques and how to test the underlying assumptions. Exercises allow students to practice their newly acquired skills. The answer key will be providedwith professors copies. If your students are overwhelmed by advanced statistics texts that are too technical andmathematical, you should examine this highly applied approach to multivariate statistics.

Advanced and multivariate statistical methods practical application and interpretation download pdf

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Course overview Numbers and rounding. Variables Descriptive statistics Inferential statistics Populations and samples Measurement scales Statistical Notation. Descriptive Statistics Frequency Distributions. Standard Scores. Answers to z-score problems. Study Guide.

Advanced and Multivariate Statistical Methods: Practical Application and Interpretation

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