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Some particles carry an electric charge. In electric wires these particles are electrons. We get an electric current when these charged particles move from place to place.

Definition : The electrical potential is defined as the capability of the charged body to do work. When the body is charged, either electric electrons are supplied to it, or they are removed from it. In both the cases, the work is done.

CHAPTER 18: Electric current and direct- current circuits (7 Hours

Electric potential , the amount of work needed to move a unit charge from a reference point to a specific point against an electric field. Typically, the reference point is Earth , although any point beyond the influence of the electric field charge can be used. The diagram shows the forces acting on a positive charge q located between two plates, A and B, of an electric field E. The potential energy for a positive charge increases when it moves against an electric field and decreases when it moves with the electric field; the opposite is true for a negative charge. Unless the unit charge crosses a changing magnetic field , its potential at any given point does not depend on the path taken. Although the concept of electric potential is useful in understanding electrical phenomena, only differences in potential energy are measurable. If an electric field is defined as the force per unit charge, then by analogy an electric potential can be thought of as the potential energy per unit charge.

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Recall that earlier we defined electric field to be a quantity independent of the test charge in a given system, which would nonetheless allow us to calculate the force that would result on an arbitrary test charge. The default assumption in the absence of other information is that the test charge is positive. We briefly defined a field for gravity, but gravity is always attractive, whereas the electric force can be either attractive or repulsive. Therefore, although potential energy is perfectly adequate in a gravitational system, it is convenient to define a quantity that allows us to calculate the work on a charge independent of the magnitude of the charge. To have a physical quantity that is independent of test charge, we define electric potential V or simply potential, since electric is understood to be the potential energy per unit charge:. Since U is proportional to q , the dependence on q cancels. Thus, V does not depend on q.

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Electric Potential: The amount of electric potential energy at a point is called electric potential. Electric potential difference is known as voltage, which is equal to the work done per unit charge to move the charge between two points against static electric field. This is named in honour of Italian Physicist Alessandro Volta. Since joule is the unit of work and coulomb is the unit of charge; 1 volt of electric potential difference is equal to the 1 joule of work to be done to move a charge of 1 coulomb from one point to another in an electric circuit. Voltmeter: An apparatus to measure the potential difference or electric potential difference between two points in an electric circuit. Example 1: Calculate the work done if a charge of 5 C moving across two point having potential difference equal to 15 V.

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Practice Problems for Electricity Class 10

The volt symbol: V is the derived unit for electric potential , electric potential difference voltage , and electromotive force. One volt is defined as the electric potential between two points of a conducting wire when an electric current of one ampere dissipates one watt of power between those points. It can be expressed in terms of SI base units m , kg , s , and A as:. It can also be expressed as amperes times ohms current times resistance, Ohm's law , webers per second magnetic flux per time , watts per ampere power per unit current, definition of electric power , or joules per coulomb energy per unit charge , which is also equivalent to electronvolts per elementary charge :.

Last updated at April 26, by Teachoo. Explanation - The resistivity of a substance depends on the nature of the material and the physical conditions like temperature. It does not depend on the shape of the resistor. Explanation - The current flowing in a circuit does not depend upon the arrangement of the different components, unless they are connected in a different way Series is changed into parallel, or vice versa.

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Electric Potential & Potential Difference

In particular, students tend to reason exclusively with current and resistance when analyzing electric circuits as they view voltage as a property of the electric current and not an independent physical quantity.

Electricity -current, potential difference, resistance

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The SI units of the current density are A/m2. Further, if E is the magnitude of uniform electric field in the conductor whose length is l, then the potential difference.

Intro to potential difference (& voltage)

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