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The current meta-analysis first aimed to quantify the overall effect of physical exercise training on the quality of life QoL in healthy older adults.

Adam Drewnowski, William J. WE live in an aging society.

Physical activity and quality of life in older adults.

Physical activity is associated with health-related quality of life HRQL in clinical populations, but less is known whether this relationship exists in older men and women who are healthy. Thus, this study determined if physical activity was related to HRQL in apparently healthy, older subjects. Data was collected using a medical history questionnaire, HRQL from the Medical Outcomes Survey short form questionnaire, and physical activity level from the Johnson Space Center physical activity scale. Healthy older adults who regularly participated in physical activity of at least moderate intensity for more than one hour per week had higher HRQL measures in both physical and mental domains than those who were less physically active. Therefore, incorporating more physical activity into the lifestyles of sedentary or slightly active older individuals may improve their HRQL. Successful aging encompasses multiple dimensions of health, including physical, functional, social, and psychological well-being [ 1 ].

Physical activity and quality of life in older adults: Influence of health status and self-efficacy

Regular physical activity is vital for healthy aging. It can help delay, prevent, or manage many costly chronic diseases faced by adults 50 years or older. Physical activity can also reduce the risk of premature death. Despite these benefits, 31 million adults age 50 or older are inactive. Adults who cannot meet Physical Activity Guidelines i. Getting any amount of physical activity still offers some health benefits.

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Metrics details. Physical activity has been consistently associated with enhanced quality of life QOL in older adults. However, the nature of this relationship is not fully understood. In this study of community dwelling older adults, we examined the proposition that physical activity influences global QOL through self-efficacy and health-status. Data were analyzed using covariance modeling to test the fit of the hypothesized model. Analyses indicated direct effects of a latent physical activity variable on self-efficacy but not disability limitations or physical self-worth; direct effects of self-efficacy on disability limitations and physical self worth but not QOL; and direct effects of disability limitations and physical self-worth on QOL.

The Importance of Physical Activity Exercise among Older People

Association between physical activity and quality of life in the elderly: a systematic review, Gislaine C. Valter C. Moreira 1. To review information regarding the association of physical activity PA with quality of life QoL in the elderly and to identify the study designs and measurement instruments most commonly used in its assessment, in the period

Physical Exercise Training Improves Quality of Life in Healthy Older Adults: A Meta-Analysis

Background : Physical activity has been positively linked to quality of life QOL in older adults. Measures of health status and global well-being represent common methods of assessing QOL outcomes, yet little has been done to determine the nature of the relationship of these outcomes with physical activity. Purpose : We examined the roles played by physical activity, health status, and self-efficacy in global QOL satisfaction with life in a sample of older Black and White women. Structural equation modeling examined the fit of 3 models of the physical activity and QOL relationship. Specifically, physical activity influenced self-efficacy and QOL through physical and mental health status, which in turn influenced global QOL.

In this special issue of BioMed Research International, the focus is on lifestyle and in particular physical activity PA as a driver for a healthy and long life for older people. As populations continue to extend life expectancy, a central concern is whether the added time comprises years of healthy life and promotes a high health-related quality of life into old age. PA is defined as any bodily movement produced by skeletal muscles that result in energy expenditure. PA encompasses exercise, sports, and physical activities performed as part of daily living, occupation, leisure, or active transportation. Exercise is a subcategory of PA that is planned, structured, and repetitive and that has as a final or intermediate objective for improvement or maintenance of physical fitness.

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Although there has been increased research and clinical attention given to the effects that physical activity has on quality of life among older adults, there is a.

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