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spectral graph theory and its applications pdf

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History and Application of Spectral Graph Theory

In mathematics , spectral graph theory is the study of the properties of a graph in relationship to the characteristic polynomial , eigenvalues , and eigenvectors of matrices associated with the graph, such as its adjacency matrix or Laplacian matrix. The adjacency matrix of a simple graph is a real symmetric matrix and is therefore orthogonally diagonalizable ; its eigenvalues are real algebraic integers. While the adjacency matrix depends on the vertex labeling, its spectrum is a graph invariant , although not a complete one. Two graphs are called cospectral or isospectral if the adjacency matrices of the graphs have equal multisets of eigenvalues. Cospectral graphs need not be isomorphic , but isomorphic graphs are always cospectral.

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What are the best tools from matrix algebra, and how can they help us solve graph mining problems? These are exactly the goals of this tutorial. Matrix algebra and graph theory can offer powerful tools and theorems, like SVD, spectral analysis, community detection, and more; we single out the most useful tools, we show the intuition behind them, and we give one or more practical settings that each tool performed well. Prerequisites Computer science background B. Sc or equivalent ; familiarity with undergraduate linear algebra. Randy Bryant.

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This chapter is devoted to various interactions between the graph theory and mathematical physics of disordered media, studying spectral properties of random quantum Hamiltonians. Aref Jeribi. Liu, F. TianA new upper bound for the spectral radius of graphs with girth at least 5. Pages Lu, H. Designed as an introductory text for graduate students, or anyone using the theory of graph spectra, this self-contained treatment assumes only a little knowledge of graph theory and linear algebra.

There seem to be scattered notes on the internet, but I don't know about those. Important early work was done by social scientists: sociologists, We assume that the reader is familiar with ideas from linear algebra and assume limited knowledge in graph theory. Spectral Graph Theory. Spectral graph theory studies how the eigenvalues of the adjacency matrix of a graph, which are purely algebraic quantities, relate to combinatorial properties of the graph. The Laplacian and eigenvalues.

Spectral Graph Theory (Winter 2011/12)

Spectral graph theory starts by associating matrices to graphs — notably, the adjacency matrix and the Laplacian matrix. The general theme is then, firstly, to compute or estimate the eigenvalues of such matrices, and secondly, to relate the eigenvalues to structural properties of graphs. As it turns out, the spectral perspective is a powerful tool.

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spectral graph theory book pdf

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Throughout these lecture notes we will consider undirected, and unweighted graphs i.

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If each eigenvalue has multiplicity O(1), can test in polynomial time. Ideas: Partition vertices into classes by norms in embeddings. Refine partitions using other.

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