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Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Learning style refers to the ability of learners to perceive and process information in learning situations. One of the most important uses of learning styles is that it makes it easy for teachers to incorporate them into their teaching. There are different learning styles.

Learning Style and Academic Achievement of Secondary School Students

Identification of learning styles is one way of contributing to a more efficient teaching process, and it helps teachers choose an effective teaching strategy. This study reports a three-year process to explain the change in the learning styles of physical education students. It also involves an assessment of the overall academic achievement of physical education students based on their learning style preferences throughout this process. The results of the analysis showed that the curriculum of the PE teaching department did not lead to a change in the learning styles of students studying in this department. Additionally, the overall academic achievement of the physical education students did not vary for the first Semester 3 and second measurements Semester 5 based on their learning style preferences. However, for the third measurement Semester 7 , learning style preferences had differing effects on their academic achievement. Education and Science, 43 , —


Objective — The objective of the study is to identify whether learning styles impact academic performance and online and face-to-face assessment activities in Distance Education. For data analysis, generalized linear models methodology was adopted; the Wald test was used to evaluate the effect of the factors. Theoretical foundation - This research is based on cognitive theory. Practical implications — Contributions for: i professors, as to how to choose and shape teaching strategies, i. Keywords Accounting Brand crisis Brazil Corporate Social Responsibility Family business Innovation Performance Services attitude board of directors bottom of the pyramid corporate social responsibility crisis management.

Javascript is currently disabled in your browser. Several features of this site will not function whilst javascript is disabled. Received 17 October Published 8 January Volume Pages 15— Review by Single anonymous peer review. There are contradictory results in studies on the relationship between learning styles and academic achievement.

Findings similar to this study were also reported in several other studies that are conducted under varied contextual settings and conditions.

Relationship between Learning Styles & Academic Achievement in Mathematics of Grade 8 Students

Relationship between learning styles and academic performance of fifth graders enrolled in the medical course. OBJECTIVE: The aim of this study was to determine the learning styles of fifth-year medical students who attended the ophthalmology course and to also determine the correlation with their academic performance. The variables were analyzed using Pearson's r test. According to Kolb's model, students with better performance were reflective style and according to the NLP model, students with visual style. Keywords: Learning; Students; Ophthalmology; Psychological phenomena processes; Neurolinguistic programming; Questionnaires.

To investigate the relationship between the learning style preferences of Saudi medical students and their academic achievements. Learning processes vary from person to person due to differences in cognitive processing. Studies have shown that each student typically adapts his, or her learning preferences to their learning environment.

Changes in Learning Style Preferences of Physical Education Students

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