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vmware vsphere powercli reference 2nd edition pdf

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Vmware Vsphere Powercli Reference + Website : Automating Vsphere Administration (2nd) [Paperback]

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Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Microsoft PowerShell is both a command-line and scripting environment, designed for Windows. It uses the. NET object model and provides administrators with system administration and automation capabilities. To work with PowerShell, you run commands, named cmdlets. To prevent login problems, escape the non-alphanumeric characters in your credentials.

The Datastore Provider is designed to provide access to the contents of one or more datastores. You can learn more about some vSphere PowerCLI concepts and features from the built-in help articles named about articles. It contains five snap-ins with cmdlets for managing vSphere 5. VimAutomatio n. Instead of assigning an object name to a cmdlet parameter, users can pass the object through a pipeline or a variable.

If you provide a non-existing object name, an OBN failure occurs. In such cases, vSphere PowerCLI generates a non-terminating error and runs the cmdlet ignoring the invalid name.

Providing Login CredentialsWhen you provide login credentials in the command prompt or in a script file, a PowerShell limitation might prevent vSphere PowerCLI from processing non-alphanumeric characters correctly. To escape non-alphanumeric characters in vSphere PowerCLI, you need to place the expression that contains them in single quotes '.

This variable contains all connected servers for the current session. Persistent CustomizationPersistent customization specification objects are stored on the vSphere server. Encrypted customization specifications can be applied only by the server that has encrypted them. Nonpersistent CustomizationNonpersistent customization specification objects exist only inside the current PowerShell process.

Nonpersistent customization specification objects are not encrypted, but cloning them to a vSphere server encrypts them. It enables navigation and file-style management of the VMware vSphere inventory. By creating a PowerShell drive based on a managed object such as a datacenter , you can obtain a view of its contents and the relationships between the items. In addition, you can move, rename, or delete objects by running commands from the vSphere PowerCLI console.

When you connect to a server with Connect-VIServer, the cmdlet builds two default inventory drives: vi and vis. The vi inventory drive shows the inventory on the last connected server. You can use the default inventory drives or create custom drives based on the default ones.

The items in a datastore are files that contain configuration, virtual disk, and the other data associated with a virtual machine.

When you connect to a server with Connect-VIServer, the cmdlet builds two default datastore drives:vmstore and vmstores. The vmstore drive provides a list of the datastores available on the vSphere server that you last connected to.

The vmstores drive contains all datastores available on all vSphere servers that you connected to within the current vSphere PowerCLI session. You can uninstall vSphere PowerCLI components from your Windows system by using the default uninstall tool of your operating system. You can run guest cmdlets against virtual machines on which supported guest operating systems are installed. For security reasons, Windows PowerShell supports an execution policy feature.

It determines whether scripts are allowed to run and whether they must be digitally signed. By default, the execution policy is set to Restricted, which is the most secure policy. You can change the execution policy by using the Set-ExecutionPolicy cmdlet. The application recognizes and loads the custom file after loading the default script configuration file. Procedure1 Run the PowerShell-based tool you have installed on your system. After the tool loads the default script configuration file, custom script configuration files, if any, load automatically.

Signing the Script Configuration FileWhen the execution policy of your system is set to Remote Signed, you do not need to sign the script configuration file after editing. When the execution policy of your system is set to All Signed, you need to sign the script configuration file after editing.

To learn more about setting the execution policy, see "Set the Properties to Support Remote Signing," on page To add support for other guest operating systems, you can use the scripts that are located in the Scripts folder of the vSphere PowerCLI installation directory or you can add your own custom scripts.

Error reporting helps you track and handle server errors. NET objects that correspond to server-side managed objects. Each operation defined on a server managed object has a corresponding view method. A vSphere PowerCLI view has the following characteristics:n It includes properties and methods that correspond to the properties and operations of the server-side managed objects.

NET ApplicationsBefore creating and running. In a production environment, the state of managed objects on the server changes constantly. However, the property values of the objects are not updated automatically. You can synchronize the values of client-side views with the corresponding server-side objects by using the UpdateViewData method. Example: Using the UpdateViewData method to refresh a view object dataThe following code example refreshes the power state information of a virtual machine by using UpdateViewData method.

Creating and Using Filters with VimClient. FindEntityView or VimClient. FindEntityViews You can use filters to reduce large sets of output data by retrieving only the objects that correspond to the filter criteria that you provide. You can use vSphere PowerCLI views to define and use filters to select specific objects based on property values.

To apply a filter to the results of VimClient. FindEntityViews , you can supply an optional filter parameter. The value of the parameter is a NameValueCollection object containing one or more pairs of filter criteria.

Each of the criteria consists of a property path and a match value. The match value can be either a string, or a regular expression object. If the match value is a string, the property value of the target objects must be exactly the same as the string.

Example: Filtering virtual machines by power stateThe following commands retrieve all powered-off virtual machines.

Add "Runtime. PowerState", "PoweredOff" Example: Filtering objects by nameThe following commands retrieve all virtual machines with names that start with Test. FindEntityViews in combination with a filter. It retrieves a list of all Windows virtual machines in the virtual environment.

The VimClient class includes several methods for saving and restoring server sessions. This enables you to maintain sessions across applications. Instead of storing passwords in applications, you can call the LoadSession method with the name of the session file. The session file does not expose password information, and this enhances security.

Example: Saving a session to a fileThis example illustrates how to save a server session to a file by calling SaveSession with the file name.

Login "user", "pass" ; client1. SaveSession "VimSession. LoadSession "VimSession. Detail property into a MethodFault descendant object and throwing a VimException exception. Example: Simple pattern for error handlingThe following example illustrates a basic pattern implementation of error handling with vSphere PowerCLI views.

After adding the hosts, you will be able to manage them through the vCenter Server system. To complete some specific administration tasks, you might need to activate maintenance mode for a host. You can modify host configuration, including advanced settings related to virtual machine migration, and apply them to another host. You can create a custom property by writing a script and providing a name for the property. The script evaluates when the custom property is called for the first time.

You can apply a custom configuration to a cloned virtual machine by using a customization object. You can modify multiple NIC mapping objects of a customization specification and apply the specification to an existing virtual machine. You can reboot a host by using its corresponding view object.

You can browse the default inventory drive and view its contents. The cmdlets provided in the VMware. VDS snap-in let you manage networking with vSphere distributed switches and port groups. You can have more than one connection to the same server. For more information, see "Managing Default Server Connections," on page If your login credentials contain non-alphanumeric characters, you might need to escape them.

VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference

If you manage vSphere in a Windows environment, automating routine tasks can save you time and increase efficiency. VMware vSphere PowerCLI is a set of pre-built commands based on Windows PowerShell that is designed to help you automate vSphere processes involving virtual machines, datacenters, storage, networks, and more. Luc Dekens , VMware vExpert, has worked with operating systems for over 20 years and now focuses on virtualization, particularly platforms produced by VMware. Currently he focuses on virtualization products and their automation using PowerShell. He is also cohost, along with Jonathan Medd, of the Get Scripting podcast www.

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He shares his automation knowledge at www. He shares scripts and automation techniques on his blog at www. Brian Graf has worked in IT for more than 15 years and recently has focused mainly on virtualization and automation. Andrew Sullivan has worked in the information technology industry for nearly 15 years, with a rich history of database development and administration, DevOps experience, virtualization and storage architecture, and automation evangelism. Follow Matt on Twitter at mtboren. Du kanske gillar.

vSphere Quick Start Guide – PowerCLI and PDF

I created this page as a home everything I have officially published. This includes white papers and books. VMware vSAN 6.

VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference: Automating vSphere Administration

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Alan Renouf posted an article on the vSphere Quick Start Guide we recently wrote which triggered this article. I was responsible for adding all the PowerCLI throughout the book, basically if something is explained and there is an easy way to do it in PowerCLI, we have added a code reference, this enables you to see how much is covered by PowerCLI and also how easy it actually is. All in all there are 67 scripts, now obviously if you want to know more information about these scripts and exactly where they fit in you will need to buy the book. Download these scripts as they will definitely help you manage your environment better and more consistent. But also available as a PDF via Lulu. You can find the links below, but keep in mind that depending on shipping costs sometimes the US one might be cheaper.

The 1st edition was written in and published in ; since then the VMware virtualisation landscape has changed significantly from pretty much VMware vSphere infrastructure and P2V projects and maybe some desktop work with VMware View to a wide variety of Management, Desktop, Application, Infrastructure and Cloud products. So as well as updating every chapter to make sure it worked with vSphere 6, PowerCLI 6 and PowerShell 4, and adding or replacing content and code to make sure it was still relevant for instance the Distributed Switch is now covered out of the box, previously we contributed our own functions , we had the foolish excellent idea to add a number of additional chapters covering things such as:. Unfortunately, this partly led to the book taking longer than it should have to complete and there were still areas that we would have liked to include, but had to make some tough decisions not to or it would never have seen the light of day. As a wise man often says…. While there is some introductory content in some of the chapters, this is not a book that typically runs you through how to use each of the PowerCLI cmdlets in their relevant areas, rather this is a book that goes beyond what ships out of the box and into areas where you will need to do some of the hard work yourself. Personally I feel I made a way better contribution to this book than the previous one for various reasons:. Last time round I guessed how much time I spent on my contribution.

VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference: Automating vSphere Administration. Pages · · MB ·.



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PowerCLI Book 2nd Edition is Now Available!

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VMware vSphere PowerCLI Reference


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